"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

Picking a name for your child is a huge moment, and something that takes plenty of time and consideration. We often have a short list of names, and when the child is born, we decide whether the name suits that child. We've all heard people say "We were going to call him James, but he looked more like a Dave when he came out". 

So what is really in a name? This blog series is here to share why people picked the names they have given their children. Each week we will be hearing someone's story about their choice in names, and how they came about.  Today we find out how Suzy from Our Bucket List Lives decided on the name Jamie for her son.

Babies names. They're so incredibly important. It's most likely going to be their name for life (unless they really hate it and want it changed when they are older). So much emphasis is put on picking the right name that it became such a stress for families trying to choose one.

Did you know that in France they have a set list of babies names that are approved by the government? They are mostly saints names but if you want to call your baby something that's not on the list then you have to go to the local Mayor's office and fight your corner as to why you, for  example, want to call them New York. They are gradually becoming more relaxed about it but certainly in the past you had to fight your corner if you wanted your child to be called anything but saintly. The main reason for this is they believe that children with 'different' names could be picked on at school. They may well have a point.

Jamie was born in France but as we are British we registered his birth in the UK. Although I am sure they wouldn't have minded him being called that. Jamie isn't named after anyone. In fact please don't assume we named him after Jamie Oliver as we are not fans.

We actually didn't want to know the gender of our baby. We kind of found out by accident. It happened while we were watching the 20 week scan and he was wriggling about like nobody's business. He basically flashed us. There on the screen, you really couldn't miss them, where his crown jewels. We were like 'Did I just see what I think I saw'. The doctor confirmed that we were having a boy. I felt a bit sad knowing the gender as I was looking forward to our surprise. Also a little sad as we knew if it was a girl then we'd have called her Isabella. But we had no boy's name ready whatsoever.

My husband really wanted to call him Daniel. It is in fact his middle name but that was mainly through compromise. I really don't like the shortenings for Daniel. Dan, Danny, no no no! Plus we had pretty much decided that we didn't want to call him anything that could easily be shortened. My sister in law was not impressed as she doesn't call anyone by their full name.

We literally were going to have a child with no name because up until 3 days beforehand we were still not agreeing. It was really starting to get quite stressful talking about it. I think we came up with virtually every boys name under the sun. Then out of the blue my husband said 'What about Jamie'. We'd never discussed the name previous to this announcement. You know what?! I liked it. We actually agreed. Hallelujah.

Not only did we agree but our friends and family agreed too. I think he actually suits the name, what do you think?


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  1. Thank you for having us :) It was a pleasure writing a guest post for you. Suzy


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