"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

Picking a name for your child is a huge moment, and something that takes plenty of time and consideration. We often have a short list of names, and when the child is born, we decide whether the name suits that child. We've all heard people say "We were going to call him James, but he looked more like a Dave when he came out". 

So what is really in a name? This blog series is here to share why people picked the names they have given their children. Each week we will be hearing someone's story about their choice in names, and how they came about.  Today we find out how Amy from The Smallest Of Things decided on the names Scarlett and Lillie.
I have always loved baby names. As a child whenever I was playing Mummy's and Daddy's I would have at least one child. My favourite names would change all the time. I remember at one point I wanted three girls called Reagan, Meagan and Teagan! Then there was the ideal family, two parents, one boy and one girl. Ellie-May and Oliver James.
That's not how life actually panned out for me. Choosing a name that both my partner and I agreed on was so tough. I didn't want a name that five other children in their class would share! But James liked very traditional names.
We didn't find out the gender of our first child so had a list of both girls and boys names. Boys names were so much easier to agree on because we both liked older names. In fact I pretty much have any future sons names planned! Oliver James always makes the list but I'm just not sure whether it will make the cut. We also liked Harrison, Archie and Teddy
When our first daughter was born we still hadn't fully agreed on a girls name we both really liked. We had a few names but none of them were really standing out. Not long after she was born my partner turned to me and said, "what about Scarlett?" It just fit. It was perfect. I am still so in love with her name now and it really reflects her personality. It was never up there in our top names so it shocked everyone! But I like that no-one expected it. Plus I had never met anyone called Scarlett, apart from a little girl I looked after in my job. Obviously since naming her, everyone I speak to knows or has their own Scarlett. We chose Jane as her middle name as it is my Mum's name and my sisters middle name. I thought it would be nice to start a tradition where the first born girl would have the middle name Jane.
When we found out we were pregnant with our second child we chose to find out. Mainly because it would be nice for Scarlett to know whether she was getting a baby brother or sister. This too should of made it easier to think of names. But as it was our second girl we were completely stumped for names. Had she been a boy again we would of had her name picked sooner. Being the second child it added so much more pressure because it also had to go with Scarlett. Not too difficult you're probably thinking! But for us it was. 
Whilst scrolling through baby girls names for the thousandth time hoping a new one would of been added, I found and fell in love with a name. But James wasn't keen. I then spent the rest of my pregnancy trying to change his mind. Towards the end of my pregnancy even Scarlett was referring to baby as said name. At last James was considering it! Then she was born and I instantly knew this wasn't her name. She just looked like Scarlett so it made it 10000000x harder to see her with a name.
Two weeks after she was born she still didn't have a name but we had the appointment booked to register her birth. We had already changed it once! I just needed to make a decision. We spent a few days trying to call her a few of our chosen names but none of them sat right. It was so so hard and the pressure was immense.
In the end we decided to call her Lillie Rose. One day Scarlett randomly called her Lillie and it kind of just stuck. Plus Lillie is a derivate of Elizabeth, my Nan's name who passed a little while after I told her of my second pregnancy. Rose is because it was my Grandad's favourite flowers and he was the most important man in my life!
It has taken me until 6 months to fully love Lillie's name. They should definitely give you longer than 42 days to register your baby. At least until they start getting their features so you can kind of see who they are!

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