29 May 2017


We are massive fans of Butlins and their Just for Tots weeks. Just for Tots is a whole week of activities especially for under 5s, with plenty of different activities and shows thrown in with the price of the holiday. We love the shows, and the variety they have, but Elise was not a massive fan of the crowds, and as she doesn't walk yet she couldn't get involved with the interactive side of the shows. We ended up scouting out some other activities to do together, and discovered that there is so much more to Butlins than just the shows. We still had an amazing week, even though Elise cried every time we went anywhere near a huge crowd of people.

I've compiled a list of all the activities Elise enjoyed as a nearly 18 month old non-walker, who is a little bit shy and not a fan of lots of noise and crowds.


If you have a budding driver this is the perfect place to take them for a drive. Butlins supply plenty of Little Tikes vehicles for the little ones to enjoy. They have trikes, push along shopping trolley and the ride in cars for children to enjoy. Elise doesn't walk, but that wasn't a problem in Little Tikes Town as she was very happy to test out every single car they had on offer, and have us push her around the track like she was royalty. They also have little petrol pump stations set up, and we saw that some of the walking tots were loving filling up their tanks before setting off around the track. There is plenty of space to leave your pushchairs. and they also have some deckchairs in the centre for parents to chill out on.

At Minehead, where we stayed, you can find the Little Tikes Town next to the crazy golf, and just by the swimming pool. It's perfect to visit in between shows as it is a very short walking distance to get to the skyline pavilion. It is open all day too so there is always a quiet time for your shyer child to go and play. BEEP BEEP!

There is also another Little Tikes area, and at Minehead this is over by The Deck Restaurant. This bit has a larger climbing frame for older children, and then a whole area for tots full of different slides and pirate ship trays. Although Elise isn't walking yet, she will happily go down the slide if you put her at the top, and she is able to stand up at the Pirate trays. She had loads of fun just stood up watching all the other tots play, whilst spinning around one bit of the pirate ship. It is usually quite quiet in this area, and there is plenty of seating around it so you can have a well deserved rest.


If you fancy getting a little creative, these sessions are for you. They run in the morning and the afternoon and are drop in sessions, so you don't need to arrive at the start, or stay until the end. They have tables set up, and play child friendly music for you to listen to whilst you craft. We took Elise to one of the Arts and Crafts sessions, and although she got a little bit overwhelmed after a while, we managed to decorate a princess crown. They also had other shapes to decorate, including a wand, ship, crown and dinosaur. We always give Elise the option of what she wants to do, and this time she went for the crown. They had lots of different items out to decorate your shape with, including feathers, marker pens and googly eyes.


This is located inside the children's fairground area, although it used to be inside the skyline pavilion. (at the Minehead resort) It is a large soft play frame for the older children, so it is all secure and you know that they are not going to run away! They also have a separate baby soft play area which is up to a certain age (I can't remember off the top of my head!). This is located over by the aeroplane ride, and has a ball pit, as well as some seesaws and activity centres for smaller babies. They have plenty of rides for toddlers in the fairground area, and if your child is too small to go on these, there is also the carousal in the main fairground outside.


This was Elise's favourite part of Butlin's, next to the Little tikes village. Elise loves to read and we go to the local library every week. She would look at books all day if she could, and I enjoy reading with her too. The little library is open everyday and they have a range of books for different ages. This is located inside the skyline pavilion at Minehead, but it is far enough from the entertainment that it is nice and quiet. During the entertainment we found the library to be near empty, so it meant Elise didn't have to be afraid of the crowds and could relax with a book or two. The redcoats also came over and read to her, and she loved interacting with the girl who came over to us. They have huge beanbags and cushions on the floor, as well as toddler sized tables and chairs, and some mini sofas. Remember to pick up a sticker as you leave the little library to show that your child is a great reader!


Although there are plenty of other activities for non-walkers, such as the penny arcade and the train that goes around the site, I thought I would mention swimming for my last activity. During Tots Week, they don't put on the flumes, which means that the pool is a bit quieter. The pool is also lovely and warm, which is great for babies. As well as the main pool, they also have a toddler pool with a slide and a few other activities. They usually have some inflatable toys in the pool too, as well as floats. You can relax in the lazy river, or you can take part in a swimming lesson with Puddle Ducks for a small fee. The changing rooms are great too, with plenty of family changing rooms, and even high chairs for your littles to sit in whilst you get dressed.

So there are my top activities for non walkers. As I said Elise is 18 months so she likes to get involved, but gets a bit afraid of all the other children running around her. It's a shame she doesn't enjoy the shows at the moment, but she managed to have plenty of fun with other activities.

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  1. Really wanna do a tots week. Was hoping to do own when Justin fletcher is there. Purely coz I love him and love how he gets the kids involved in everything.

    Glad you had a fab time 😍


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