Picking a name for your child is a huge moment, and something that takes plenty of time and consideration. We often have a short list of names, and when the child is born, we decide whether the name suits that child. We've all heard people say "We were going to call him James, but he looked more like a Dave when he came out". 

So what is really in a name? This blog series is here to share why people picked the names they have given their children. Each week we will be hearing someone's story about their choice in names, and how they came about.  Today we find out how Daddy Poppins decided on the name of his first born.

My wife and I met in first year in college, I was only 17 at the time. We knew it was serious from the start and that one day we’d try for kids. So, early in our relationship we discussed baby names (as young couples do). We decided that were going to have a girl called Sara, (that’s Sara, not Sarah, no H) but then it got all trendy and we wanted to be a bit different and so Sara was dropped as an option. 
We had picked out Jack for a boy too if memory serves me right. But once again the name Jack stormed the most popular baby names charts and by the time our first little person was on the way (13 years after we first met I may add) we’d decided against it too. 
So, it was late 2009 our little person was on the way (due in early 2010) and we had the baby name books out, checking through potential names (laughing at quite a few of them …. including some that we seriously put forward to each other as options). I would have researched both sexes names but it would have been futile as no matter how much I like surprises my wife was hell bent on finding out the sex of our child (and seeing as she was heavily pregnant, hormonal and is the boss anyway I decided that it would be great idea to find out too). 
We were going to have a boy and were both in agreement that we liked short one or two syllable names that worked as ‘cute kid name’ but equally worked as a friendly but strong adult name later in life (“are you sure we can’t just use Jack?”). 
You only realise how many people you don’t like when you start picking out baby names….
“How about X?”, I’d say
“No way it would remind me of X”, she’d reply
“Actually, yeah, good point!”  
How my firstborn’s name came about is a mixture of 3 different reasons;
Reason 1.
There was a tradition on my side of the family that all boys were called John or Michael in rotation, my Dad was a John. So, his first born should have been a Michael, however my mother was a trend setter and my brother Darren Michael was born, I followed and was christened Cormac John. 
“Oh Mammy, you rule breaker you!”
Reason 2.
Although my Dad was a John he was also a school teacher during my childhood and like all school teachers he needed a nickname.. ‘John’ or ‘Sir’ just didn’t cut it in the school yard. He bore a canny resemblance to Benny Hill and that became his name. Only other adults called him John. So what does this have to do with you child’s name? you might ask. Well, this nickname also became attributed to myself and my brother and to this day he’s called Ben and I’m called Benny. (Sorry Mam, your trend setting was overruled by 1980’s pop culture).  
Reason 3. 
Unfortunately, my wife’s father Teddy passed away before our first little one was born. We wanted to incorporate a remembrance of this fine man into what we named our son but weren’t a fan of the like for like names, you know what I mean.. 
“This is Richard and his son Richard Junior”
(although I must admit we did consider Teddy and Edward very strongly). 

Get to the point… What did you call your son? 
His full name is Ben-Edward John
…..But that goes against the rule you just said about the ‘daddy/junior’ thing, you may be screaming at your screen. Well, not really, my name is Cormac after all
He’s the first to be christened Ben in our family. He’s like the ‘real slim shady’, plus he’s Ben-Edward as a first name, Not just Ben (so Teddy is honoured too).. Oh!! and he also has a traditional family name and that of his father and grandfather in there for good measure (even if it’s out of traditional sequence and really should have been Michael, ahem). 
So there ya go. That’s the story of my first child’s name. 
(Side note: around that time John and Edward Grimes were all over the place, who? You may ask. John and Edward…. JEDWARD. And you called your child Ben Edward!!? …. Bedward. Hey ya can’t win them all )
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  1. Aww this was a lovely read. Made me laugh a bit too ! His name suits him, ye picked the right one ...ye little trend setters amongst the family !


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