30 Jun 2017


When it comes to playing, little ones love to play with toys that mimic the things that their parents do. We all know how much toddlers love helping out their mummy and daddy, whether it is pretending to clean the house with a wet wipe, or helping them to put the shopping away (or take everything out again!) they love to be involved. That's why the Little Shopper Collection from Casdon is perfect to encourage your child to take part in role play, and to copy what their mummy and daddy does. The range is full of products to do with shopping and food, so it will help your child become familiar with food items, and will encourage them to learn what the items are. It may even encourage them to eat their vegetables!

We were lucky enough to be sent the Grocery Set from the Little Shopper range, created by Casdon to try out with Elise, who is 19 months old at the time of this review.

27 Jun 2017


If you bought every single thing on a checklist made for expectant parents, it's very likely that you would break the bank. Parenting is not cheap, but you don't have to bankrupt yourself before your newborn even makes an appearance. If you're preparing to become a parent for the first time, it's likely that you've read guides and magazine articles, and you may have had a lot of input from friends and family members who have children. With so much information on offer, it can be a little confusing. What exactly do you need to buy now? How much should you be spending? What can wait until your baby is a little older? If you're looking for answers, you've come to the right place.

19 Jun 2017


When it comes to purchasing a car, it is often the second most expensive purchase you make after buying or renting a house. This means that once you have made that purchase, whether it is a brand new car, or a second hand car, you want to make sure that you are taking steps to keep your vehicle in great condition. By making sure you take the time to do some really simple checks, and a bit of maintenance you can keep your car looking newer, and running better for longer.

Personally, we have always purchased second hand cars, but that doesn't mean that we don't like our car to be kept in great condition.My husband studied motorsport design and engineering at university, and he now works as a motorcycle design engineer, so cars and motorcycles are a huge part of our lives. This is why my husband taught me how to make basic checks on our tyres to ensure that I am looking after them and helping the car to run more efficiently.

12 Jun 2017


Everyone knows that teething and babies do not mix very well. Teething causes pain for months before a tooth even breaks through the surface, and the whole teething process takes years to complete. Luckily there are plenty of products to help out when it comes to the pain of teething, such as pain relief medication and teething gels, or granules. There is also the option of teething toys that you can put in the fridge to help relieve the pain. However, there hasn't really been a product that combines the relief of chewing, with the relief of the gels or granules...step in and take a bow Matchstick Monkey...

Matchstick Monkey are the new kids on the block when it comes to teething products, and I can tell you right now that they have got it right. Their product is not only a great teething product, but also a great fashion accessory for any baby or toddler. The bright colours of the monkeys mean that babies want to reach for them, and the way they are designed makes them easy to grab.

8 Jun 2017

Fun Exercise Ideas For Your Children

If you have ever tried to encourage your child to exercise, you know how hard it can be. Technology doesn’t always help the frustrated parent, with smartphones, video games, and the television giving your child the excuse to stay indoors rather than playing outside.

So what can you do? Here are a few ideas.