19 Jun 2017


When it comes to purchasing a car, it is often the second most expensive purchase you make after buying or renting a house. This means that once you have made that purchase, whether it is a brand new car, or a second hand car, you want to make sure that you are taking steps to keep your vehicle in great condition. By making sure you take the time to do some really simple checks, and a bit of maintenance you can keep your car looking newer, and running better for longer.

Personally, we have always purchased second hand cars, but that doesn't mean that we don't like our car to be kept in great condition.My husband studied motorsport design and engineering at university, and he now works as a motorcycle design engineer, so cars and motorcycles are a huge part of our lives. This is why my husband taught me how to make basic checks on our tyres to ensure that I am looking after them and helping the car to run more efficiently.


When it comes to tyres, there are some very simple steps you can take to ensure that you are taking care of them and prolonging their life. Also by looking after your tyres, you can make your vehicle safer and more efficient. Here are some of the things that I do to make sure I'm looking after my tyres.


It is a good idea to check your tyres at least once a month for any damage, and to check that they have enough air in them. You can find out how much air your tyres should have by looking at your car manual, or there is usually a chart on the inside panel of the door. This ensures that you are not putting too much, or too little air in. By making sure that your tyres are having enough air in them, you are also preventing premature wear, and damage to the internal components. You should also check your tyre pressure before setting off on any long journeys. We personally keep a pump in the car too just in case we forget, or to do it ourselves on the driveway. 

Making sure that your tyres have the right amount of air in them can even save you money on fuel as it makes your car more economical! 


You should be checking your tyre wear and depth on a regular basis too. This means checking the tread of the tyre, and making sure that it fits with the guidelines supplied to every car driver. It is on offence to drive with tyres that do not have enough tread, and it is very dangerous, so it is is important that you are checking this on a regular basis. I find it easy to just have a quick check whilst doing my other tyre checks each month. You should change your tyres before they are worn to 1.66mm. If you are unsure of how to check your own tyres, you can use a tread gage or visit a local garage to get them checked.


This is not something that I can do myself, so the car has to go to the garage for this check. It is so important that you check the balancing of the car as it helps to prevent premature wear of your tyres, meaning that you won't have to replace them as quickly. It also eliminates vibrations and protects the suspension of your vehicle, along with the the steering and bearings of the vehicle. You should have this done when you purchase new tyres or if a balance weight is moved/removed. There are ways to tell if your balancing is off ; you will find that one part is heavier or lighter. You will also notice some vibration when you are driving, and this can lead to the front-end parts of your tyres wearing prematurely.

When it comes to wheel alignment, it is difficult to tell if your wheels/axels are aligned correctly whilst driving. However, if your wheel alignment is incorrect, your car's handling may be altered and it can also affect your safety. It is so important that you go to a tyre specialist if you come into contact with a solid object, such as a kerb or a bad pothole, or if you have noticed a change in the wear of your tyres. By going to a tyre specialist, they can check your balancing and wheel alignment and make sure that they are correct. If you do not get this checked, you will not be getting the best out of your vehicle and your tyres will wear at a quicker rate.


Although it is easy to complete simple checks on your tyres yourself, it is important that you have them looked at by a tyre specialist on a regular basis to ensure that your vehicle is safe. If there is a problem with a tyre, you should also go to a tyre specialist for the repair as they have the correct tools, and knowledge to make your vehicle safe again. If you have been using tyres for five years or more, you should be getting them checked annually, and they should be replaced if the age of the tyres is ten years or more from the date of manufacture.

These are my top tips for keeping your car "like new" when it comes to tyre maintenance. By keeping an eye on your tyres, and having them serviced on a regular basis, you will keep your car in great condition for longer. I know that I have never really thought about the importance of checking tyres for things like long journeys, but I'm converted and now know that it can really change things like the amount of fuel you use, and the comfort of the drive. Plus safety is so important, I would never want to put my family at risk over something simple like replacing my tyres.

In summary, make sure your are checking your tyres on a monthly basis for wear and pressure, and also check your tyre pressure before any long journey. Make sure you are getting your tyres serviced on a regular basis by a reputable garage or tyre specialist. If you are in the West Yorkshire area, you can take your car to Ossett Tyre House, who are specialists in everything to do with tyres. You can book tyres online at http://www.ossetttyrehouse.co.uk.



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