13 Sept 2017


In a few weeks I will be attending BlogOn for the second time. I went back in May and had a great time, learning lots to do with blogging and meeting some amazing brands. I'm heading back again for their Christmas themed conference, and as a way to get to know other people who are attending they have set up a little linky for us. I thought I would answer the questions this time round and share a little bit about me with you all at the same time.

1. Please share your favourite photo of you.
This is a photo from quite a while ago, before my daughter was born. It was taken at the Grand Canyon in 2014 and was the last holiday that my husband and I took before having Elise. We went to celebrate our second wedding anniversary as we got married in Las Vegas in November 2012.


2. If you could choose a band to play in your garden for your birthday, who would you pick?

I think that it would have to be someone like Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s pretty much guaranteed that everyone will know at least one of their songs! I’ve been a fan of them for a very long time, and although they are not my favourite band, I know that lots of other people like them too. They will definitely get the party started.

3. What do you take with you for long visits to the toilet?

If she is awake, Elise will usually insist on coming along on my toilet breaks. If she doesn’t come along it’s the usual phone, or Empire magazine. I’m not really someone who spends a long time in the toilet though, I’d rather spend time elsewhere!

4. What word can't you spell?

Definately (I had to go back and undo the autocorrect!) 

5. What's the most unusual job you've ever had?

I worked as a Games Tester for EA one summer. I worked on an XBox Sports game, which meant I was working out for about 12 hours a day testing it and looking for bugs. I was one of 5 girls on the entire team!

6. Knitting, sewing or crotchet?

I don’t do any of these, and never really had an interest in trying them out! 

7. Without looking it up, what is a jerkin head?
A bit of a geek thing here, but I know that it is something to do with houses. I only know this from playing Sims and creating houses from floor plans. I don’t know anymore than it is to do with houses though!

8. If you could have as much of one food as you wanted forever, what would it be?

Has to be anything Italian, especially a nice Carbonara or a proper thin based pizza.

9. What is the scariest thing you've ever done?

I don't know if it is really that scary, but I think it can be. I have taken part in night time scatter rallies where you have to rely on your own navigation and a traditional map (no phones allowed). Going down country lanes at night when you aren't quite sure where you are going can be quite scary!

10. If you needed a getaway driver, who would you choose?

If we are talking someone fictional, it would have to be “Baby” from Baby Driver...literally the best getaway driver. If he wasn’t available it would be “Driver” from the film Drive. In the real world, I would like to be the getaway driver. I love driving, and I’ve taken part in scatter rallies in the past. 

11. Would you rather live in Narnia or at Hogwarts?

Lots of people would say Hogwarts for this, but the way I see it that is only one place. You wouldn’t have the world of Harry Potter to explore, unless this was part of that option too. I’d say Narnia as there is so much more to explore within the world.

12. What snack food says 'Christmas' to you?

Those cheese footballs that come in a tube and you can only get at Christmas.

13. Is there life on Mars?

I think there is some kind of life form on Mars and other planets. There’s so much out there I don’t think we can say that there isn’t life somewhere out there.

14. Which Christmas movie would you be a character in, and who would play you?

Most people won’t have heard of this film, but because there is Christmas included within it I’m going to go with it. I’d want to be in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and I would replace the character of Harmony Faith Lane. The person who would play me would be Natalie Dormer.

My second choice would be a character within “Bad Santa”, again played by Natalie Dormer. 

15. What are you proudest of?

Finally having the confidence to pursue something I’ve wanted to do for a long time - Blogging and Vlogging. Of course I’m proud of my daughter every day, but I’m also proud of doing something for me as well.

That is all the questions for the linky! Are you going to BlogOn? If you are let me know in the comments and if you see me come and say hello! I'll be trying to tweet during the day, although my phone is useless so not sure if I will be able to. Make sure you are following me so you do catch my tweets before, on and after the day.

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  1. Love the Grand Canyon pic! We were there back in 2004 - a few years before our kids came along too. Just a breathtaking place.

    1. We stayed over so got to see the sunrise too which was really amazing!

  2. I used to play sims all the time! Still do, but still have no idea what a Jerkinhead is!

    1. I like to build houses from real floor plans and blue prints so that may be taking my geekiness just that little bit further!


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