22 Nov 2017


I thought that before I share all of my gift guides with you for Christmas this year, I would share some of the items on my wish list. There isn't too much on my wish list this year, mostly because my husband and I have decided just to do stockings for each other this year with a budget of £20. We are going to Butlins for their Christmas Just for Tots week soon, so all our money has gone into that. We would prefer the experience rather than lots of presents. Of course, I still have a little list of things I would like, but I will be saving for them myself as a treat!

There are a total of eight items on my wish list this year, ranging from a book to some lighting and suitcases. I'm going to VidCon in LA next June so I'd love to have some exciting new luggage to take with me. I'd like some studio lighting as I'm going to be making more videos next year.

I love the bright colour of these suitcases, and love that they are hardshell. I like to think that they may protect my belongings a bit better whilst in transit, and I'd like a case for my on board luggage this time so that I can have my electrical items on me, instead of in the hold. 

I see a lot of youtubers using these lights, or at least similar ones so I think they will change my lighting game. I'm lucky to have an office to use for blogging and filming. This means that I won't have to put the lights away every time I use them. I'd like to eventually get a ring light to use, but these would be great as a start. They will also help with photography for my blog in the darker months.

After taking the test to see which house I would be in if I attended Hogwarts, it came up as Ravenclaw. I think this is pretty accurate, and the fact that it put my husband in Slytherin made it even better. I think that I possess many of the traits which would make me a great Ravenclaw, and this book would look amazing on my bookcase!

I love Jack Wills, but I don't always like the price tag! I do find that their clothes last really well and they also wash well. The few items that I do have, I have had for years and they still look brand new. I don't feel like this happens with lots of brands, especially cheaper ones so I do like to invest in my wardrobe as opposed to keep buying pieces from cheaper stores. I plan on doing a wardrobe declutter soon so I may film it to show my very black and grey wardrobe to you all!

I don't wear make up every day, and I have some go to brands that I like to use. Sleek is one of the brands I like for blushers, so I thought I may also like their highlighter. I must admit that I haven't really bothered with highlighter until recently, but it does make a huge difference!

I already have a remote for my big DSLR camera which is very handy, so I would love one that works with my mobile. Especially for travelling solo as I will then be able to place my phone on a tripod and take photos myself. The quality of photos from phones is amazing now, so you don't always need a big camera with you. I love the thought of not having to use a selfie stick and actually being able to take a proper photo.

I haven't tried a White Company Candle before but I've heard great things about them. Plus they just look beautiful. I tend to use candles as decoration so I like them to look nice as well as smell nice. I'd love to try one from White Company, so it's going to stay on my list until I eventually buy one!

I'm pretty good at packing a suitcase, and I like to keep outfits packed together. These storage cubes would change my life and make my suitcase even more organised. I am actually excited at the prospect of using these when I go to LA!


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