20 Nov 2017


Oxfam have started a brand new campaign all about random acts of kindness and how you can spread a positive message about how kindness can make a huge difference. These acts of kindness can be things that you do in your own life, or even through blogging and your online presence. If you can encourage just one person to be kind and take part if Oxfam's campaign for spreading kindness, you can make a huge difference. You don't need to make a huge difference globally, just imagine if you could change just one person's life, or even just make their day by completely just one random act of kindness.

Below, you can see an infographic all about how Oxfam are helping with their #KindnessChangesLives and how your donation can literally change someone's life completely. Oxfam are constantly trying to change people's life one person at a time, and it isn't always about looking at a country, or culture as a whole. They work hard to offer kindness to someone on a personal level, especially to those who wouldn't be able to afford healthcare and basic needs due to the poverty that they live in. They promote development and working at a grassroots level, helping people with the basic things that we take for granted every single day.

Another thing that you probably take for granted is going to school and getting an education. Would you want to offer your help via a small donation every month if I told you that there are 72 million children, many of them girls who will not get a chance to go to school? Education improves lives and makes it possible to have a career and escape poverty. Another way you can help is to gather products together in a shoe box and send them for underprivileged children across the world. This is something that I have done in the past, and it was so nice receiving a hand drawn picture back from the child who received that parcel.

If you want to spread kindness closer to home, you can donate your old clothes and toys. I try to shop in charity shops as much as possible as I know that the money really helps. I tend to buy most of my books in charity shops and then re-donate them once I have finished reading. I have also left books on benches, and on trains for someone else to enjoy. I will never know who will read the book next, but I always hope that it brightens someone's day.

If you are able to, I would encourage you to donate to charity. Did you know that just £1 a day can provide clean water to new mums and babies. This is something that we take for granted when we give birth. We don't have to think about washing after giving birth, and having fresh water to wash our new baby in. Can you imagine having to wash your newborn child in dirty water? A donation of £10 could buy enough safe water for 10 people! 

If you cannot donate at this time, please share the hashtag #KindnessChangesLives to help promote random acts of kindness, and to share your own experience and random acts.


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