The POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2018

If you read my recent post about my goals for 2018, you know that one of the goals I have set for myself is to read 30 books. I didn't want to set a huge number as sometimes I get overwhelmed and if I feel like a challenge is too large, I'm less likely to complete it. Since I have already read my first book, and I'm close to finishing my second book, I do feel a bit more confident about how many books I will be able to read this year. That's why I'm going to try and complete as many prompts from the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge as I can. 

I am not putting too much pressure on myself for this challenge, and I don't expect to complete every single challenge, but I am going to try and complete them if I can. I've already started writing a list of books that I want to read for each category, and there is a mix of books I already own and books that I've wanted to read for a long time. I am going to try and slot this challenge into the books that I read each month, but I'm not going to just stick to books that fit into the list above. I want it to be fun and not something I feel pressured to complete.

I plan to add my reviews of the books that I do read on my Goodreads account, and I will be reviewing books that I particularly enjoy on my blog (both for the challenge and general books that I read). I will also be filming monthly book wrap ups on my youtube channel, so make sure that you are subscribed over there to keep up to date with what I am reading. I will also update monthly one what I have managed to tick off on this challenge when I write about my monthly wrap ups.

I've actually set up a spreadsheet with a list of the books, and if this is something that someone would like to use too, I'm happy to set up a google document. If you are also taking on the challenge, I would love to follow you on Goodreads, or we can keep up to date on twitter. Similarly if you have your own blog post about the challenge, please do send me a link as I would love to read it.

Are you taking part in any reading challenges this year? I'd love to read your posts and follow your reviews so please do comment below or let me know on twitter!


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