9 Jan 2018

Why We Share Our Love of Music With Our Toddler


The Hughes Household is a very musical household. We play lots of music in this house, and a huge range of styles of music. Elise, our 2 year old actually attended her first progressive rock gig before she was even born (I was 6 months pregnant) and she was born already loving music. Since she was able to, she's loved making music with different household items, and now she sings along to her favourite songs, and joins in with the actions to her favourite nursery rhymes. She's also developed a huge love for jazz music, and requests that we play this type of music when she is eating her food with us at dinner time.

my husband sat on the sofa with my two year old. They are both holding onto my husbands burgundy coloured bass guitar and smiling at each other.

As well as playing music in the car, when she is falling asleep and when we are eating dinner, we also involve her when we play our own instruments. She loves getting involved in a Jam session on a Sunday morning, grabbing her toy microphone and singing along to the kid's music, or singing along to her favourite jazz musicians. Music is so important to us, and I can honestly say that it has helped me through some very tough times. That's why we are so keen to share it with Elise.

Here are some main reasons why we share our love of music with her:


Whilst I took flute lessons as a teen, my husband took piano lessons when he was growing up. We'd love to encourage Elise to pick her own instrument to learn, and luckily it is easy to find music teachers thanks to Bidvine and their online catalogue of piano teachers. Bidvine works like a bidding site, but you submit a request for a service, whether it be a photographer for your wedding, or someone to help with a kitchen refit, and the suppliers come back with a bid/quote to tell you how much they charge for that type of service. The site is so easy to navigate and within hours of submitting your request you will have plenty of quotes ready and waiting for you to respond to. 

a flatly of a coffee cup, notebook and pen and a laptop open to the bivine website

We will always encourage Elise to pursue music if this is an interest that she picks up. She's already a bit of a pro at playing the air guitar! Whenever her dad picks up his bass or guitar, she wants him to show her how to play, or she grabs her own collection of percussion instruments to join in.


Music is so important for toddler development too as it lifts their mood and helps them also express other emotions. Music is so emotionally powerful and can invoke a range of emotions. We've noticed that Elise responds to different types of music now and relates to the mood of the song. She also responds to upbeat music by dancing along to the beat. She shouts "Happy" or "Sad" to let us know how the music we are listening to makes her feel. Music has really helped me with my anxiety and also my depression. Hearing a certain band or artist can remind me of a certain feeling, or a special occasion ,and I have so many fond memories sharing my love of music with my husband. We love going to gigs together, and although we have different tastes in music, we do share some favourite bands.

My two year old stood up singing in to a toy microphone. my husband is sat on the sofa behind her playing his bass guitar.


If you are holding a jam session anyone can get involved. It doesn't matter if you play an instrument, or if you can keep to the rhythm, it is a fun activity that can bring a group of people together. I used to love it at house parties when someone grabbed a guitar and played a song that everyone know. It instantly lifted the mood and brought everyone closer together to share a moment of joy. It doesn't matter if you can sing in key, its the taking part that counts when it comes to music. Anyone can attend a music event too, and theres always a sense of togetherness at a gig. Everyone is sharing a mutual love for the music the band produces, and it really does create a little family for the evening. My husband even attends gigs with his dad, which I find amazing! It really is something that you can enjoy, no matter what age you are.

I could literally talk about music all day, but this post is long enough for today. I will be sharing more about my love of music in the future, including albums that have shaped my life so do come back again to see this! 

Do you play any instruments? Is music a big part of your life? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!



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  1. We used Bidvine when we were doing up our house and it made the whole process so much easier. With regards to music, I couldn't agree more. I grew up playing piano and flute, my dad played the piano as well and I think it's important for little ones to get the opportunity to learn. It's such a good outlet and helps them with lots of skills like hand eye coordination, listening etc. I can't wait for our son to give it a go!

  2. Love this. We have music nights here where we all choose some of our favourite songs - our kids love so many styles. My daughter has just asked for a ukulele for her birthday. Sarah Stockley

  3. Ooo his sounds fab! I play quite a lot of instruments although mainly the piano and guitar. My others are sitting rather sadly in boxes but I'm planning on teaching my 7 year old to play piano soon which she is super excited about! x

  4. When we get back from travelling I really want to learn how to play the piano and get back into dance classes. I've always said I want the boys to learn an instrument and will encourage them to do so once they start school. I think it is such a wonderful thing to be able to do and a great release of emotions.

  5. Love this! I grew up playing the flute and got to Grade 8 so music is instilled in me. We always have music playing when with the children whether it’s for an upbeat dance or some classical music for a more chilled out vibe x

  6. I really need to listen to music more often with Willow! We bought some new CD's over Christmas so here's hoping we stick at it as I think music is hugely life enriching xo

  7. I have always loved listening to music and always made the conscious effort to play it to my bump! We listen to little bits of music everyday, whether it’s nursery rhymes, film soundtracks or the current charts. He loves it!


  8. This is great! M loves music, the moment I put it on he sings and says dance dance and just goes mental!! Think he is more a dancer than a musician, but I agree it's so important! I often play music to bump currently, to watch her wriggle too!! X

  9. We're big on music in our house and with both of us playing instruments, we knew we wanted Amelia to have a lot of musical toys for growing up! Will be checking out Bidvine!


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