22 Mar 2018

5 Things I Want To Do On My First Trip To Liverpool

Liverpool is somewhere that I have always wanted to go. This is mostly because of the music history, and I hear that the shopping isn't too bad either. I've been researching things to do in Liverpool for a while now, so I thought that I would share 5 things I would like to do when I visit Liverpool.

Shop Til I Drop in Liverpool One

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I don't think any UK break is complete without a little bit of shopping, and I've heard amazing things about Liverpool One. As well as shopping, they also have amazing places to eat when you are all shopped out. They have plenty of activities to keep all the family entertained, such as a cinema and adventure golf. I think you could easily lose track of time here!

Liverpool One also have events on throughout the year so it is worth checking out their site to see what they have on. They have family events running throughout the year, as well as events like Wine Festivals that are catering more for the adults. You can also keep track using #LiverpoolGuide2018 on social media...

Get Lost in a Book in Liverpool Central Library

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I'm a little bit obsessed with books, and I really like visiting libraries. I am always on the hunt for nice old libraries on my travels, as I just love being surrounded by books. When a library looks as grand as the Liverpool Central Library, I think it would be a crime to visit Liverpool without stepping foot inside. 

British Music Experience

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We are big music lovers in my house, and also huge fans of museums. We try and take Elise to museums on a regular basis, and she really seems to enjoy walking around and seeing everything. A museum about music sounds like the ideal place for us to visit as a family. We enjoy music tours, and we actually went on one whilst in Belfast for a wedding a few years back that was really enjoyable. There is so much to see related to The Beatles in Liverpool, but seeing lots of different music memorabilia would be very enjoyable for us.

Casbah Coffee Club

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This is where a little band called The Beatles all started. You can visit, and tour, the basement club where The Beatles had their first live performance. The Beatles are very loved, and my daughter even watches a show on Netflix called "The Beat Bugs" which features music from The Beatles. I think everyone has heard of them, so it would be great to see where it all started for them, and where they played before hitting the big time.

Pier Head

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Marinas and Piers are always nice to visit. I lived in Swansea for a number of years and loved being able to go for a walk around the Marina, and similarly I loved going along the pier when we visit Brighton before our daughter was born. I always find it so relaxing, and I love looking at all the boats in the harbour. We would defiantly go for a stroll and take in some of the views, and of course some of the historic statues in the area. Maybe a particular one of The Beatles!



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  1. Lovely plans. The library is stunning. I also think you should consider going to the Cavern, it's fab. The museums on the docks are great and, near the library there are 3 more museums (all free).


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