20 Mar 2018

How To Survive Spring Cleaning With A Toddler

It's the first day of Spring (March 20th) and it's that time of year where you see everyone mentioning Spring Cleaning. Any mother will tell you that cleaning is a full time job when you have children, so the sheer thought of a deep clean can send you over the edge. I'm here to try and make things a little bit easier with some of the methods I use with my toddler (2 years old....well 2 years and 4 months if you want to be more precise) when it comes to cleaning and decluttering our family home.


I used to really dread getting rid of stuff, but it is something that I find easier now. I'm not so sentimental about the things that I own, and don't feel the need to keep hold of things that I no longer need. This has helped with decluttering, and I feel that although I still have lots to get rid of, I've made a good start. Here are some ways to declutter your home...or at least hide the evidence.

Hidden storage is your new best friend

When it comes to clutter, sometimes the best solution is to hide that mess somewhere no one is going to find it. Your overflowing wardrobe is not going to do the job right now, so invest in a bed base like the Bed Guru Divan which can be fitted with storage drawers.This is also a great solution if your home lacks storage space. I actually store my out of season clothing under my bed in vacuum sealed bags. I then rotate these as the seasons change.

Donate/Keep/Bin Baskets

When I'm trying to declutter, I like to do one specific area at a time and carry around three baskets/bins with me. That way I can get everything sorted and arranged at one time without having massive piles of random things on the floor. The best thing I have found to do is to sort items into Donate, Keep and Bin. This means that you can just sort a whole section, for example the kid's wardrobe) at one time without having to leave the area. If you run out of time, or are needed elsewhere it doesn't matter as the items are already stored in baskets as opposed to the floor. It saves me time in the long run as if I have to abandon a task, the items are already stored in three different areas.

Make toy decluttering a joint effort

This is something that I have attempted to do with Elise and it was actually more successful than I expected. I explained to her that there were other little boys and girls who didn't have toys like she had, and if she wanted to give any of her toys to them. We then went through her toys and she was soon letting me know what she loved and what she wanted to give the other little boys and girls. We then all went together to donate them at the Charity Shops in town so she could see where they were going. We plan to do this every year before her birthday and will be trying to find local children's homes to donate to as well. 


When it comes to cleaning, toddlers can actually help you out a bit here. You can start introducing little chores with sticker rewards included, and they can learn how to tidy up for themselves at the same time. Here are a few little jobs that we give to our daughter:


One of the chores that I hate doing is dusting/polishing so this was one of the first jobs I delegated to my adorable toddler. I admit that I do have to redo a lot of what she has done, but she has improved greatly over the past month or so. We even have a little cleaning playlist for her to dust along with.

Put the Toys to Bed

This one ins't just for spring time, it's something we do every night. Every toy has a home and Elise knows where everything lives. We're at a point where she will put a toy away before she gets out the next one as she likes them to be nice and warm in their home. This is something we were keen to teach her, and she even tells us off for putting things back in the wrong place.

Pretend Play

To prepare Elise for bigger cleaning roles, we encourage her to role play. We love pretending to bake, clean and even work at the Doctors or Post Office. Elise loves being involved and helping us when we are cleaning. Lots of the time this just involves her using her Hetty Cleaning Trolley and following us around the house with her mop and bucket. She even tells us when she thinks the carpet needs cleaning and points out the mud the dog brings in.

These are all the tips I have for at the moment for when it comes to Spring Cleaning, but I will update with new tips as they come up!

This post is a collaboration with Bed Guru, who are currently running a campaign called #SpringCleanGuru. Bed Guru are an online bed retailer who are sleep specialists. This means that they understand that no two people have the same sleep requirements and do everything they can to ensure a good nights sleep for their customers. 



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