23 Apr 2018

My Favourite "Everything" Online Shops


Shopping online can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in the sense that everything is at your fingertips, and a curse because it is so easy to click purchase. I find that it is easy to make impulse buys, and this can be a bit of a curse. Sometimes you wonder why you ordered something when it arrives! I found this happened when I was a sleep deprived mum of a newborn. Online shopping for random things on Amazon became a 2am habit, and I often wondered why I purchased what I did.

I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite online shops where you can buy pretty much anything you can think of. The perfect place for those impulse buys, but that also have easy return policies. Being able to return online purchases easily is a huge deal for me. I hate it when you can't return items easily, or the details of how to return items is vague. That's why I like using the Contact Numbers UK website to look up where I stand when it comes to returns. You can find all the contact numbers of major retailers on their website, including Amazon and Very. This means you can talk to an actual human about returns policies, something that can be a huge benefit if you can't find the details online, or the details are a bit confusing. I often forget to keep the packaging for my new purchases, and this is something that I am trying to work on. It is so awful when something doesn't fit, but you haven't kept your receipt or the original packaging. However, there are always options and so talking to someone on the phone is often the best option...

Here are my first stops when it comes to buying random things online:


I think that everyone is a little bit addicted to ordering things from Amazon. Especially with the convenience of Amazon Prime. I tend to order lots of books on Amazon, and I do also use the Amazon Marketplace to find some bargains. I've made many random purchases from Amazon too, especially when it comes to baby products. I find their wish list facility to be extremely useful when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, and I also like that you can save items for later.


Technically you can't buy EVERYTHING on this site, but you can buy everything gift related. I love buying handmade and supporting small businesses, and this is one site that I use when it comes to the different celebrations throughout the year. I've found some real hidden gems on the site, and this is something I'd like to write another post about. I'd like to start featuring more small businesses on the blog. It's always important to check the returns policies for individual sellers on Not on the High street (NOTH) as it does vary, as does delivery time and delivery rates. As items are handmade and bespoke, there are different rules when it comes to returns, so do make sure you check.


I love charity shops and shopping secondhand, so Ebay is like a second home to me. I love finding cheap bits for Elise and myself, and I also sell on there. I find that baby clothes are super cheap on there, but I'm also aware that there is a risk that items aren't as they are described, or that they won't arrive. Luckily everything is protected and you can claim back if something goes wrong. It's sometimes a bit confusing, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be addicted just like me. I also purchase lots of New items on there, which aren't second hand.


If you like random surprises, Wish is the app for you. You can find very cheap items here, which are often modelled on more expensive items, but are actually cheaper versions. The items come from China, and you can often find things for £1. Be warned though, these aren't going to be the same quality as something you buy from a reputable website, and they take a while to get to you. I find it a good site for bits and pieces like stationary. I love a good bit of Washi, and this is the perfect site to make that purchase! I don't think you can really make returns on the site very easily, so keep this in mind when you shop there.


This could quite possibly be my favourite site of all time. I just love buying things handmade and Etsy is all about handmade. I actually used to have a shop on Etsy selling planner stickers, something that I would like to get back into at some point. I probably purchase something on Etsy monthly, whether it is bits for my planner (I'm getting into digital planning at the moment), or personalised clothes for Elise. They also have some amazing blog layouts for purchase.

These are my favourite online stores for everything, and I hope you have found some new places to shop. What is your favourite place to shop online?




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