30 Aug 2018


Entering Competitions is one of my hobbies, and finding freebies is another thing that I enjoying. Getting free beauty products delivered directly to my door? Sounds good to me! I'm an avid makeup fan, so I am constantly looking for ways to save money when it comes to getting new beauty products. When I discovered that I would be able to get free makeup delivered to my door, it opened up a whole new world for me.

There is a broad range of beauty products that you can be delivered directly to homes across the UK, ranging from free hair products, to toiletries, cosmetics, perfume samples (which are perfect for holidays!) and more. It is a great way to try out new brands, and get sample sizes of your favourite products without having to leave your sofa. In my opinion, shopping online is the best way to shop, especially if you have a chronic illness and struggle to get to the shops.

29 Aug 2018


Today I am taking part in a blog tour for "The Stig Plays A Dangerous Game", a middle grade book all about friendship, fast cars and featuring the well loved character The Stig from the television show Top Gear. A fast paced, and action packed book, full of humour and car references, this book is sure to be a hit with any car lover, young or old. 

26 Aug 2018


If you are a regular reader of A Mundane Life, you will already know that we are HUGE fans of the Brio toy range. We've reviewed quite a few of their toys in the past, including the Light and Sound Fire Truck and the My First Take Along Train Set. Brio toys are incredibly well made, and made to last. We were recently sent the Camping set from the My Town range to try out, and we were not disappointed. Elise was excited to play with it alongside the Fire Truck that we already have, and she hasn't put it down since.

The thing that we love about the Brio toy range, is that they don't just use plastic for all their toys. All their toys have a wooden element to them. The figures are simple wooden figures that are timeless, and can be used with other toy sets. In fact, Elise uses the little wooden figures with most of her other toy sets, and we take them out with us to restaurants so she can play whilst waiting for her food.

25 Aug 2018


Elise turns 3 in November, so we thought it was about time that she started attending a local preschool for a few mornings each week. She already goes to a childminder once a week so that she can socialise with other children, but we really wanted to get her into the routine of going to a preschool regularly and being around a larger number of children. Elise seems really excited, and couldn't wait to get a new bag ready for preschool. We lucked out when we were offered some products from the Disney Vampirina range to review, and I couldn't wait to see Elise's face when I gave her her brand new big girl bag.

We were not familiar with the Vampirina character before we were sent the Bootastic Backpack Set and the Spooky Scooter Set. I have to admit that we don't watch very much television. In fact, we don't even have a television plugged in. Elise does love anything to do with monsters or halloween though, so I knew that they would be a hit.

22 Aug 2018


Elise is almost three now, and we have always been on holiday within the UK and haven't ventured abroad yet. This is something that we plan to do in the next few years, and we have already started planning where we might go. There's so many things to consider when going abroad with a child, from the distance, to everything you need to take, to the cost. We've researched a few places, and options, so far so I thought I'd fill you in with the things that we are taking into consideration.

1 Aug 2018


As a busy mum, I often forget to give myself a chance to relax in the evenings. My to do list seems never ending, especially as I work from home too. I find it hard to switch off and just relax. When Olverum got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out their bath oil, I knew that this would be the perfect excuse to dig out my pampering products that have been collecting dust, and maybe discover some new favourites.

Photo shows the following products: Big sea salt shampoo, olverum bath oil, hemp hand cream, snow fairy, himalayan charcoal mask

I've never really used bath oils before, instead I usually opt for a bath bomb. Mostly because I'm afraid that the bath will get too slippery and I'll get stuck (like that one time when I was heavily pregnant). I was looking for some nice products to try out when I was on my solo trip in LA and so Olverum's travel size bath oil seemed like the perfect thing to throw in my case and take with me. I ended up loving it, and ended up using it multiple nights of my trip. Read on to find out what other products I have discovered, or have loved for a while now...