1 Sept 2018



Starting out with electronic cigarettes can be a real struggle for many people. While it may take you a day or two to get the hang of it, making the switch is truly rewarding and good for your health. Many of the people looking to quit smoking switch to vaping for it is not only safer but also makes it easy to ditch the cigarette. According to research and statistics, vaping is one of the most effective ways that has helped many people quit smoking.  This fact alone has made many people make the switch with the hope of giving up the addiction altogether. 

Although the transition (from smoking to vaping) may be smooth for most vapers, some people take longer to make the switch. Some people struggle with vaping for the technology, culture, and language used in the same is a lot different from cigarette smoking.  Some of this may be due to misinformation or even a bad experience one had the first time he/she tried an e-cig.  Nevertheless, with lots of information about brands, tools, and measurements for the same, even the most experienced vapers can struggle a bit and especially when choosing a vaping kit. Some basic knowledge of vaping is however essential if you are to make the transition smoothly. Outlined below are a few tips on how to make the switch, and common mistakes that should be avoided in the process. 

1. Using the Wrong Vaporiser

The right vaporiser is mandatory for a smooth vaping experience. The vaporiser is one of the key elements of a vape pen, a reason you should only invest in the best. Several considerations have to be made before deciding on a vaporiser. This includes thick-bodied clouds, battery life, and portability. Be sure to focus on the most important elements when choosing a vaporiser. How you wish to use the vaporiser should be the first thing that comes to your mind before making the final decision. 

How much you are willing to spend on a vaporiser (budget) is also a crucial factor to keep in mind as well. The best quality vape pens and vaporisers tend to be more expensive too. You however shouldn’t simply go for the most expensive vaporiser blindly without looking into the key priorities. Looking into reviews, performance, and trying different brands could help you land a good quality vaporiser in the end. Although expensive, high-quality vaporisers perform exceptionally well and offer money-saving features. 

As mentioned earlier, do thorough research on the product before making an actual purchase. Be sure to investigate reviews, testimonials, and other perquisites that come with the same. Expert reviews come in handy too as they provide comparisons and technical details as well. 

2. Using the Wrong E-Liquid

Using the wrong e-liquid can ruin your vaping experience. With the wide selection of exotic flavours to choose from, it is easy for one to go overboard with the e-liquids. Some of these e-liquids have an aftertaste that can throw you off balance. For this reason, it would be advisable to pay close attention to PG and Vg balance, as well as nicotine levels in your e-liquids. This is particularly important when going for a refill. 

E-liquids are generally made of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG), which act as nicotine and flavouring carrier mediums. E-liquid with high VG content tend to offer a smoother pull while those high in PG content produce a thicker, full-bodied cloud. Finding a balance between the two carriers however holds the key to having a smooth and rich vaping experience. Experts recommend trying out different balances to find one that gives you the best satisfaction. 

You also need to check nicotine levels in the e-juice before deciding on the right one. E-juices have varying nicotine concentrations ranging from 0 to 24mg. Unlike regular cigarettes, you can choose different nicotine concentrations, or even have it lowered by a certain percentage with each refill.  This enables one to reduce his/her dependence on nicotine over time. Reducing nicotine concentrations can help you quit smoking without suffering withdrawal symptoms.  You however need to ensure nicotine levels are high enough to offer satisfaction. Getting the balance right is key here as well. Most people trying to make the switch choose the wrong nicotine levels which cause them to suffer headaches and mild nausea. As a rule of thumb, light smokers should aim at 6mg nicotine levels, with moderate smokers going for 12mg, while heavy smokers can go for anything higher than that, preferably 20mg. 

3. 'Smoking' instead of Vaping

Vaping is a lot different from smoking. With smoking, one must take long hard drags, which isn’t necessary when vaping. With vaping, one only needs to take a long bur soft draw to get the same level of satisfaction. Taking a long hard drag will only make you cough due to the punch e-juice has. This is because you will be taking higher concentrations of the e-juice than you should. For the best results, consider giving the device adequate time to heat up, and then take a soft, long draw.  This way, you will experience a thick and enough vapour.

4. Not Locking your Vaporiser

Failing to lock the vaporiser after you can have a serious effect on the user as well. The device may be engaged while in the bag or pocket, a factor that can reduce its battery life and vaporiser efficiency.  If the device is left engaged for too long, this can cause extreme heat, ruin the battery, start a fire, and in the worst-case scenario, cause an explosion. Vaporisers however come with an embedded safety feature to ensure this doesn’t happen. It is imperative that you lock the vaporiser once done vaping to avoid an incident. Most vaporisers use a similar locking mechanism in all models too. 

5. Failure to Learn E-cigarette Basics

It is with human nature not to look into the fine print, or even the instruction manual when operating something new. The same applies to electronic cigarettes. When it comes to vaping, failure to understand the key basics of operating an e-cig, and especially locking or cleaning it, can have a severe impact on your vaping experience. This mostly happens when you run out of e-liquid or coils when you desperately need to vape. Taking the decisive step and learning about your mod, and even understand several ways on how to change the batteries, e-juice levels, and even cleaning can help avoid incidences in the future. 

6. Implications

We all make mistakes. While you should learn from a past mistake, repeating the same mistake is uncalled for. Simple mistakes shouldn’t however prevent you from having a better future or make the right decisions in life. Simple mistakes such as failure to clean the mod, not remembering to change the battery, or even checking the vaporiser can be corrected on time. Using your mod over time also makes you fall in love with the device, and even learn to care for it even more. As long as the mod is in perfect working conditions, and have ascertained the correct VG/PG balance, as well as nicotine concentration, your vaping experience should be as smooth as anyone's.


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