I like to be as transparent as possible when it comes to writing and sharing content both on my blog and on my youtube channel. In order to run this blog and my channel, I work alongside some amazing brands and companies. I am provided with products to test, and also receive money in exchange for sponsored content.

Although I am sent products, and work with brands on sponsored posts, I aim to be clear and ensure that I always state when payment has been made, or a product has been sent for me to review.

Here is my full disclosure:

- All content is written by myself unless otherwise stated at the bottom of a post. If the content has been sent to me to publish, or has been written by someone else, it will state "Guest Post" at the bottom. If I have also received payment to host the post, it will state "Guest Post in Collaboration with..." followed by the brand/company name.

- If a post I have written myself is in collaboration with someone else, I will write "Sponsored Post" or "Collaborative Post" at the bottom of the post, and also at the top of the post before I start my article.  The terms "Collaborative" and "Sponsored" are both terms meaning that I have worked with someone else, or have been paid to include certain links. The rest of the post has been written by myself.

- If products are sent to me, I will write "This post contains a PR sample" at the bottom of the post. I will also state which products are a PR sample by using this sign: * the first time I mention the product in the post.

- My reviews are always honest, and I include both positive and negative points in my reviews. I will never write that something is amazing just because I have been sent a product, or I am writing a sponsored post.

- If I attend a Press event, or if I attend an event for free, I will state this within the post, or at the bottom of the post saying "We were provided tickets to...in exchange for an honest review".

- I will always state at the bottom of the post any details I feel are needed so that I am completely transparent with my readers.

- My posts, and links within my youtube descriptions contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through an affiliate link, I will make a small commission. This doesn't affect the price that you pay, but it helps me to continue creating content. Once you have clicked through, the sale will be tracked so that I can receive some commission. This doesn't share any details with me. It just shows that someone has purchased something through a link on my blog/youtube.


- Products are sent to me for consideration and therefore there is no guarantee that they will be featured on my blog or youtube channel. I may feature products on my social media channels if I feel that they will be popular with my audience. Some products are of low value and I cannot write full posts on them unless it is a product that I want to share with my audience and feel that they would enjoy it.

If you have any questions about my policies, please feel free to contact me on the following email: