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As a busy mum, I often forget to give myself a chance to relax in the evenings. My to do list seems never ending, especially as I work from home too. I find it hard to switch off and just relax. When Olverum got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out their bath oil, I knew that this would be the perfect excuse to dig out my pampering products that have been collecting dust, and maybe discover some new favourites.

Photo shows the following products: Big sea salt shampoo, olverum bath oil, hemp hand cream, snow fairy, himalayan charcoal mask

I've never really used bath oils before, instead I usually opt for a bath bomb. Mostly because I'm afraid that the bath will get too slippery and I'll get stuck (like that one time when I was heavily pregnant). I was looking for some nice products to try out when I was on my solo trip in LA and so Olverum's travel size bath oil seemed like the perfect thing to throw in my case and take with me. I ended up loving it, and ended up using it multiple nights of my trip. Read on to find out what other products I have discovered, or have loved for a while now...

101 IN 1001 DAYS

I have decided to attempt a challenge involving 101 things in 1001 days. I've created my own list of 101 things that I would like to complete in this time, ranging from things relating to my hobbies, to places that we want to go to and explore. I've seen this challenge going around for many years, and although I have written a few lists before, it has never gone beyond this.

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The 101 in 1001 days challenge lasts for around 2.75 years so gives you plenty of time to complete the tasks that you set for yourself, whilst also leaving plenty of time to achieve tasks that may take a bit of time. If you want to know more about the challenge, and see what I have picked for my 101 tasks, keep reading!


The 5th of August 2018 is Friendship Day and to celebrate, I have a Trolls Puzzle Giveaway, where one winner will win a 4 in 1 Trolls puzzle (suitable for ages 3+). Trolls is a film all about friendship and happiness, and really promotes how to make other people happy. It's such a great film to watch this Friendship Day, and I will definitely be watching it with Elise and participating in some Hug time.

Ravensburger have a whole range of puzzles to keep your children entertained, and to help their problem solving skills, and I must say that both myself and Elise love the range. One of her personal favourites is the Cars 4 in 1 puzzle which we actually found in a local charity shop. Elise has a whole box of puzzles and games, and we also love the memory games that Ravensburger makes. We also love that lots of her favourite characters can be found on Ravensburger products.

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