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I'm always taking photos to capture the moment, but I'm terrible at getting them printed or put into photo books. They always just remain on my computer, and then I always regret not doing anything with them. When Photobox got in contact to tell me all about their new product, designed especially for little ones, I knew that it was something that Elise would cherish for years to come. "My First Photo book" is a board book aimed at children under 3, and can be personalised with your own photos and words. I was so excited to make one for Elise, and she has been looking at it every day since it arrived. 

The photo book can be seen on a white background with little animals

The board book comes with 16 super thick, wipe clean pages which can be personalised with photos, and even your own words. You can change the background colour of the pages, and there are also different layouts that you can select. We chose to use the same layout throughout, with a photo in the centre and a caption below. I wanted to make it so that as Elise gets older, she can learn to read the words in the book too. 


Elise is two and a half now, and has really started to enjoy playing with her toys. She creates little stories with them, and puts on little voices for them. She replays events that have happened during the past, and likes to imagine new scenarios. I knew that she would love the toys that Baby Secrets have to offer straight away. She is pretty obsessed with babies at the moment, but has never really been interested in dolls. She would rather play with smaller toys, so the Baby Secrets Pram Pack is the perfect toy for her.

The baby secrets pram pack can be seen on the floor in front of a grassy background. The toys fit into little hands and the set has a bath, 3 babies and a pram.

The thing that I first noticed with the Baby Secrets Pram Pack was that it wasn't just your average plastic toys. There's a few hidden surprises within the pack, and there is plenty to discover. There are also other play sets to collect, and you can buy surprise babies separately. 



When it comes to travelling, travel insurance is something that I've always purchased, but never really thought that much about. That was until I recently had to take out some travel insurance again for my next trip abroad. I have to take out pre-existing medical condition insurance which is a lot more expensive than your average travel insurance, and it really made me consider whether I needed to get insurance before my travels.

It also got me thinking about whether other people actually take out the cover, or risk it and travel without their own insurance. I've teamed up with TRUE Solicitors LLP, accident at work claims specialists, to see exactly how important it is to take out cover before you get on that plane.

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