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When we found out that we were pregnant, we already knew that we wouldn't find out the gender of our baby. We wanted the surprise, as we had no preference over whether we wanted a boy or a girl anyway. There was no real advantage of finding out whether we were having a boy, or a girl. Plus I feel that it made everything a bit more exciting, especially as it turned out our baby had to be delivered early due to complications with Pre-Eclampsia. Waiting to hear the gender reveal during the c-section made it a little bit less scary, and a bit more exciting.

As we knew we weren't finding out if we were going to be having a boy or a girl, we had to find both a boy name, and a girl name that we both liked, and could agree on. We had a short list for girl's names early on, in fact we knew what we were going to call her before we even conceived, but of course we wanted to throw some other names out there. Other names on our short list were Rachel, Aubrey and Ellie. We found finding a name for a boy harder, and we were still discussing possible names right up until a few weeks before I was admitted in to hospital. I really liked some names, but my husband shut them down straight away. Plus most of the names we liked were used by other people, or my husband worked with someone with that name.

In the end we narrowed our boy names down to Patrick or Tomos. Then I threw in the curveball of the name Ellis. My husband loved the name as much as I did, and it was very similar to our girl name so we knew that we would never be disappointed about not being able to use either name. We of course ended up having a girl, so would now never be able to use the name Ellis, but that is okay as we love the name of our daughter.

By now, you probably know that we had a daughter, and most of you will know her name as it is all over my social media, and on this blog. For those of you who don't know, our daughter is called...


She doesn't have a middle name. Who needs a middle name when you have such an awesome first name?! My husband doesn't have a middle name, and it hasn't affected his life at all, and I hate having a middle name so it just made sense not to have one for our daughter.

So how did we pick the name Elise? Well, it was my husband who picked the name way before we even thought about having a baby. In fact we discussed baby names a few years in to our relationship and he mentioned the name. I liked it straight away, as it isn't a name you hear very often, and also because it has connections to us, and a meaning to us as a couple.

My husband is a Motorbike Design Engineer, and studied Motorsport Design and Engineering at university. He loves cars, and motorbikes, so it's natural that he would look to cars for inspiration when it came to baby names. Most people will know of the car brand Lotus, and they make amazing sports cars that we have both wanted to, and still want to own. They have one car called a Lotus Elise, and it is one of our dream cars. We would both love one. The Lotus Elise is actually named after the Granddaughter of Romano Artioli, who was the Chairman of Lotus at the time of the car's launch. Her name was Elisa, but the car went on to be named Elise. Hearing that the car was named after someone special, made me agree on Elise 100%. I loved that the inspiration for the car came from a Granddaughter, and now the inspiration for our daughter's name came from that car.

I haven't come across too many people called Elise, although now that we have a daughter named that, they seem to be popping up here and there. Every day I love her name more, and I hope she loves her name too when she is older. We hope to be able to save for a Lotus Elise to give to her as a 18th/21st gift. I don't think many people can say they were named after a car, and then go on to own that car! We have also found that although she is only 16 months old right now, she loves anything to do with cars and motorbikes, so the name really does suit her.

We don't plan on having any more children, so I am so glad that we picked Elise. I know that we will never tire of hearing the name, and I am always so proud to tell everyone her name, and the story behind it.



  1. Cute story....I am a teacher and it's hard to pick a name because when you have children who are naughty; that name is off the list. My son is 14 now but we had his name picked out because I had never had a boy named his name. The year I had him, I had 2 boys with that name...luckily they were great kids.

  2. I love this! I'm nowhere near ready to have kids yet, but I love hearing how people come to name their child. I think this story is so cute! And Elise is such a great name and suits her very well! I know a couple of people named after cars! Like Lincoln and Portia (though not spelled the same, obviously).

  3. Love this! My husband and I thought out our children's names before they were conceived. We thought about it really hard and made sure to find a unique enough name that would stand out. That would suit them in the stages of their lives, and would represent who they were as individuals. We didn't want a catholic based name, since we're catholic's. It seemed to be a theme in the catholic faith. We also didn't want the common names, just to name them. My husband and I were very much into Greek Mythology. We loved reading, researching, and knowing about it. We loved the names and how they represent specific gifts or symbols. We chose, for our son - Apollo (son god) Kai (ocean, hawaiian), our second child - Artemis (Moon goddess, twin to Apollo) Kiana (moom goddest), and our third child - Cassiopeia (star constellation) Reign (Queen in French). We loved how these names flowed together. I loved how it connected them as siblings: Sun, Moon, Stars. It was important for us to always have something they can be proud of. That the foundation of our family is built on these connections, and how much it matters in our family.

  4. That is a beautiful now. How awesome is that to be named after that car!

  5. Great story. I have worked with kids my entire professional career, so I knew what names we did not want. Our children have middle names to carry on a part of my family because their last name is a part of my husband's family.

  6. Elise is such a cutie, look at those cheeks. I had a name in mind for my daughter and it was not until a few weeks prior to her being born, that I did not feel she fitted that name. I got her name Leanora from my grandad, it was his mothers middle name

  7. I agree - who needs a middle name when you have such a beautiful first name - Elise, just pure beauty.

  8. It's such a huge responsibility isn't it! I had complete control over the names of my eldest 2 (because their dad was barely involved except for the conception...) but with my third my new partner had ideas that didn't gel with mine. There were LOOOOONG discussions and then we compromised.

  9. Before we found out we were having a girl we couldn't find any boys names we liked. Good job really.

  10. I think Elise is a lovely name and it is still quite similar to your choice of name for a boy 'ellis. It suits her xx

  11. I love your baby's smile! authentic! The name is just fab :)

  12. I love the name you picked. We have unusual names in our family too and it took a long time to agree on them. My daughters don't have middle names, which I'm a little sad about as I have 2

  13. I had names picked out before I was even pregnant. We choose Atlas for our first son which happens to be my only child at the moment. I love Greek mythology and then middle names come after importannt family members. Atlas's middle name is my father in laws middle name. Then when we have a girl her name will be Aoife. Then if have another girl her name will be Athena and another boy will be Apollo.

  14. We too took quite some time in deciding names for our kids.

  15. Awww, I love it. Such a beautiful name for a beautiful girlie. I don't think I've ever known an Elise although I did used to teach an Elisa. Picking baby names is the part I dread the most about having children as it is so difficult 😩 X

  16. Love this story! An unusual way to choose a baby name but you've chosen a beautiful name which shows that thinking outside of the box with baby names can give you fresh inspiration.


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