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When it came to starting a blog, I had quite a clear reason for why I wanted to start. I love writing, and I love photography. Pair these two things together and a blog makes total sense. I'm also very interested in Graphic Design, and designing a blog has allowed me to practice my skills and even do a little bit of my own design work on the side. I also wanted to meet like minded people through blogging, and I feel that I have already done this in the 10 months I have been blogging so far.

Today I thought I would share my main goals that I had when I started blogging, and the goals I still have now.

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I'm not really one to set myself goals, I tend to just go with the flow and see what happens. I just try to do better every month, and achieve more and work harder each month as opposed to have something to aim for, before then creating another new number. I think life is so unpredictable, and although you can say where you would like to see yourself in 5 years time, it doesn't always go according to plan. You don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, let alone in 5 years. To me setting goals is just to have a vision and know what I want to be doing right now. I have no idea if I will still be blogging in 5 years time. I can say I hope to be, but I might not feel that it is right for me anymore in 5 years time.

To me blogging has never been about writing about things that are current and popular. Yes I do love reviewing toys for Elise, but I also love to write about my own experiences. I feel that everyone has a story to tell, and so I try to share my own personal stories with my readers hoping that at least one person can relate to what I'm saying. I don't have a certain amount of page views I want to reach, or a certain amount of money I want to make, or a certain DA or ranking on a chart. These are all great things to keep track of to see how I am progressing, but I don't like to set myself goals based on following or numbers. I don't set myself goals of how many posts to write each week as I don't like to put pressure on myself. I just write when I want to, and try out some challenges on the way to push myself to dig deeper and really think about what I am writing.

My main goals as a blogger have always been to write with an authentic voice and leave the bullshit at the door. I always want to write about topics that interest me, and not just write about topics I know will bring traffic to my blog. I've alway said to myself that if people want to work with me, they will come to me because I'm being authentic and writing about real life problems, as opposed to just writing about products and popular opinions. If I do write reviews, I only write them because I love a product, and it's not usually on a whim. I don't accept everything that I am offered, and I will write my honest views on each product that I do review.

Traffic is very important when it comes to blogging if you want to work with brands, but this was never something that I was thinking about from day one. Working with brands is a great bonus and I've met some amazing people already through blogging, and attended some amazing events. However, for me the main purpose of my blog is to raise awareness of my disabilities and kill the stigma that mental health has. I've only just started touching on this, but I will be writing about this a lot more, and showing how my life has been shaped since being diagnosed with Epilepsy, and since I've made some very big decisions in the last few years.

My goal has always been to make a difference, even if it is just for one person. When I write about Epilepsy, I love seeing the response and receiving people's messages on social media and in my inbox. I love to hear that other people are going through what I am and that I am not alone. My goal is to keep building this community up and allowing other people to have a platform where they can talk about their own challenges. I guess my one major goal would be to create a whole network of bloggers with disabilities. The disability equivalent to Mumsnet!

Setting goals can be an important thing to do, but I've set goals in the past and now I would NEVER be able to achieve them. My goals evolve all the time, so instead of setting goals I just like to try out new things and focus on that moment in time rather than a 5 year plan.

Do you set goals, or do you wing it a bit more like me?

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4 comments on "MY MAIN GOALS AS A BLOGGER"
  1. I'm am similar to you and never really makes life plans or goals and just like to go with the flow! I absolutely love your blog and the fact that your so honest in your delivery. Keep being you! x

  2. I'm always making goals and plans, although they have been known to be chucked our the window as soon as they have been written.

  3. I flit between making goals (which I usually end up failing at!) and then just winging it! For me, I think the main thing is just to enjoy what I do and feel proud of what I have achieved so far :)

  4. I've been told that I'm a dreamer rather than a goal setter. I think very big, but struggle to see the little steps that are needed to get there. I also suffer with depression and anxiety which party come with my Aspergers.


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