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When it comes to purchasing your own home, research is really important. Whether it is house prices, or location, it is important to scope out the current price market in the area that you wish to move to. I currently live in Leicestershire, and we are home owners. We were able to purchase our first home with the Help to Buy Scheme, and have lived here for 5 years now. When finding our home, there was so much information to look at, and it was hard to know what we needed to find out, and what we needed to save money for. Today I thought I would talk to you about the things that you might want to look into when it comes to purchasing your very own home.


When it comes to purchasing a home, the type of home is something that you often think of first. Of course, cost comes into this, as we don't all have a budget of millions. It may be that you can only afford a terraced house, or you might really want a detached home so may have to change the location of your home to a less desirable location. Whatever happens, it is important to look at the average prices in your area. For example, if you are based in Leicestershire the average price you can expect to pay for a detached house is £320, 482, but if you are based in Cheshire, you can expect to pay £398, 395. Laurus Homes recently conducted research into the housing market in Cheshire, and produced this amazing infographic all about the area, which shows all the key information you might need when it comes to buying a home in the Cheshire area.

We opted for a terraced house with a garage, but there are actually only three houses on our little terrace, so it feels more like a semi as we are on the end. It is the perfect size for our little family, and although our view isn't amazing, it is in the best location for us.


Location plays a key factor in where you choose to purchase a home. Looking at what is in the local area is important. For example, we are right near a zoo, museums, lots of local parks, and major city centres are only a short drive away. It is also within walking/cycling distance to my husband's work, which means that we save lots of money on commuting as we have no costs at all! It's also important to look at things like schools in the area you want to move to. It's also important to look at how much traffic flows through your street, and what the neighbours are like. I would recommend visiting during the daytime and in the evening before settling on what house you would like to purchase. You don't want to end up with problem neighbours when you are spending such a big sum of money.

You may also want to see what parking is like where you live, as well as how far it is to the local shops and schools. Location doesn't have to be all about what is immediately around you, you want to look at transport links and also the possibility of future development in your area. We picked our house knowing that we won't be overlooked at the front of our home due to the fact that new houses won't be built on the land in front of our home. It's also not on a main road, but is close enough to motorway connections.

When it came to purchasing our home, Location and type of home were the two key factors for us. If you would like me to talk about the process of purchasing our first home, please do let me know down below, or on my social media profiles. Also, if you are a bit obsessed with looking at houses like me, make sure you check out Hermione Chantal on youtube. I've been loving watching her house renovation videos lately!




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