101 IN 1001 DAYS

My 101 in 1001 days starts on:

1st August 2018

My 101 in 1001 days ends on:

28th April 2021


The challenge is all about completing a list of 101 things, set by yourself in 1001 days. The challenges have to be realistic and measurable so you can't be too vague, but as well as being realistic, you should also set some more challenging goals.

You can read more about the challenge in my first blog post.

1001 days gives you plenty of time to complete the list of goals, and as the time isn't too short, or too long, and is over all the seasons, it gives you a chance to complete tasks that have to be completed within a set season. 1001 days is actually around 2.75 years and gives enough time to reach goals, but isn't too long of a period. Sometimes setting goals over 5 years just gives too much time for procrastination! 


I have split my list into different sections so that it is easier for me to keep track of my goals. When I write a blog post about a goal, I will also link to this below. I will also cross out the goal once it is reached.

Completed: 0/1001
In Progress: 0/1001
Not Started: 101/1001

A Mundane Life - Blogging/Vlogging/Business

1. Collaborate with another YouTuber
2. Complete a Vlogging Challenge (for example, vlogmas)
3. Complete a Blogging Challenge (for example, blogtober)
4. Reach 500 Youtube subscribers 220/500
5. Reach 1000 Youtube subscribers 0/1000

6. Reach 5000 Youtube subscribers 0/5000
7. Reach 10,000 Youtube subscribers 0/10000
8. Speak at an event
9. Take a trip with another blogger/vlogger
10. Create 100 videos 5/100

11. Create 250 videos 0/250
12. Make £500 in one month
13. Make £1000 in one month
14. Make £2000 in one month
15. Open an Etsy Store

16. Go to 10 Blog/Youtube related events 0/10
17. Have 300 posts on my blog 100/300
18. Have 500 posts on my blog 0/500
19. Have 1000 posts on my blog 0/100


20. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
21. Go Pumpkin picking
22. Go fruit picking
23. Drive again
24. Feed animal(s) at the zoo/farm
25. Watch ice hockey

26. Go on a picnic
27. Play mini golf
28. Go to a spa
29. Unplug completely for the day


30. Learn a new skill
31. Complete a blogging course


32. Make a blanket fort and hang out with board games
33. Paint pottery with Elise
34. Wear matching Christmas pjs
35. Have another child

36. Write a will
37. Do an Ancestry DNA test
38. Have a date day/night once a month for the duration of the challenge 0/33
39. Take a family photo every month 0/33
40. Stick to the present rule for birthdays and Christmas

Fashion and Beauty

41. Get a piercing
42. Get my eyebrows done
43. Take £10 to a charity shop each month and see what I can find 0/33
44. Get a manicure
45. Get 5 more tattoos 0/5

46. Minimise my wardrobe to 30 items (per season) 0/11
47. Invest in a designer handbag
48. Dye my hair a funky colour
49. Try out 10 new beauty products in these categories: Makeup 0/10 Skincare 0/10 Haircare 0/10 Bath and Shower 0/10

Food and Drink

50. Bake a cake for a birthday
51. Eat Vegan pizza
52. Try bubble tea
53. Complete a juice cleanse
54. Try a food I've never had before
55. Eat Ice cream/frozen yogurt at the beach

56. Go a month without fizzy drinks
57. Cook a three course meal for my husband
58. Try 10 new restaurants 0/10
59. Go one month without any fast food/takeaways


60. Complete a readathon challenge
61. Read a book in one sitting
62. Read all the Harry Potter books
63. Complete a Sims challenge
64. Take portrait photos for 10 people/families
65. Create a digital planner/bullet journal

66. Watch a film for every letter of the alphabet 0/26
67. Complete 3 lego PS4 games
68. Try a new subscription box every month 0/33
69. Use one planner for an entire year

House and Home

70. Get a new mattress
71. Make a comfortable work space
72. Create a big girl room for Elise
73. Purchase a piece of original art
74. Buy a piece of furniture that doesn't come from IKEA
75. Extend the patio in the garden

76. Find a storage solution for my beauty products
77. Have artwork in every room of the house 0/11


78. Support 3 Kickstarters 0/3
79. Donate my brain to Epilepsy research

80. Pay for someone else in the drive through
81. Donate food and blankets to a dog shelter
82. Send a care package to someone who needs a pick me up
83. Donate £50 to 3 different crowdfunding campaigns 0/3

Places to Go

84. Visit a science based museum
85. Visit the Trentham Monkey Forest

86. Go to a theme park as a family
87. See a show
88. See the Ballet
89. Go to a Christmas market
90. Go to a food festival

91. Go to a music gig
92. Go for afternoon tea
93. Visit the Harry Potter studios


94. Take a family trip abroad
95. Attend a film festival

96. Take Elise to where it all started - Swansea
97. Take a trip to Scotland
98. Go to Tenby
99. Complete a travel diary for a trip
100. Stay in a 5 star hotel
101. Go back to Butlins

These are all the things on my list, and I hope that you follow my whole journey with me.  I'll be writing updates on the challenge and there may even be some videos!

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