About Sarah


I'm Sarah, I'm a thirty plus, married, mum of one who loves anything that may be classed as "geeky". Whether it is venturing to the cinema to see every new release, playing The Sims for far too long, getting Harry Potter tattoos or diamond painting, you can usually find me doing some sort of solo activity. I always thought this meant that I was depressed, but turns out that I am probably Autistic, and currently I am waiting for an official diagnosis. I 100% believe that I am Autistic though, so from here on out I will classify myself as Autistic on this blog. Getting an official diagnosis is hard. I've already been waiting over a year, but as Autism is a special interest of mine, I know a lot about it, and so it is pretty clear that I am in fact Autistic.

As well as being Autistic, I also have Epilepsy. I was diagnosed with this back in 2009 and have been taking medication ever since. I have Asthma, an under active thyroid, sensory processing problems, anxiety, and also some hearing issues. Some may say that I am pretty broken...but I just think that I am just made a bit different!

I've been married since 2012, but with my husband since 2009 and he is my best friend in the whole world. Actually, it is safe to say he is pretty much my only friend (Autism problems...) apart from our daughter who is now four. She is my world, and I love being her mum. We also think that she might be Autistic, so this is something we are exploring with Doctors at the moment.