10 Feb 2017


With a 14 month old to look after, I don't always have time brush my hair, let alone get to the gym to work out. It is so much easier to just stay in and have some me time in front of the television or computer once she has gone to bed. I don't always feel like venturing out in the evening, which means that I don't work out as much as I should sometimes. That's where Flex comes in handy. Flex is a new, fun way to work out from the comfort of your living room, especially designed for busy people like mums.


If you miss the social aspect of going to classes at the gym, Flex have got you covered. They have added a social element to their site, so whilst you work out to classes that you can book online, you can enjoy socialising without leaving your house. This is ideal for me, as I suffer from anxiety, so can't always make it to in-person classes. This way I can hide behind the television, and no one can see just how sweaty I am getting!


We all know that it is often hard to coordinate work outs around nap time and bedtime. Flex allows you to join classes at the last second, so it doesn't matter what time you have a spare half hour or so, you can always find something on the site. I found this to be really great during the daytime, as I could put my daughter for a nap, and then log in and find a class that was just starting, or starting soon. I didn't have to stick to a set schedule, or make it in time for a certain class as I knew there were multiple classes happening, and I could always come back later.

You can also subscribe to your favourite instructors. This is great as everyone likes different types of workouts, and if you are in a rush to find a class of a certain type, bookmarking your favourites always saves time. I found that I loved certain instructors teaching styles, and so I could save them for future classes. At first it is a bit hit and miss whether you will like a class, so the ability to bookmark ones you like comes in very handy.


What I love about Flex is that they have really thought about mums and what they need from a work out. There are specific work outs for mums who are looking to work on their post baby body, and can ease you back in to the world of fitness. I love that there is a huge range in classes, from high intensity to pilates and yoga. There really is something for everyone, and as someone who is new to working out again, I like that there are different challenges and different types of workouts. 


I'm sure you are thinking that a service like this will cost the earth, but I'm here to give you a happy surprise. The cost of Flex is just £14.99 per month, and it is on a monthly basis so you can cancel your subscription at any time. You can also sign up for a 30 day free trial to see if it is for you! They have a range of ways to pay too, so it is accessible to everyone.


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