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Disability and Me is a guest post series featuring posts from people with a range of disabilities. My aim is to raise awareness of both visible and invisible disabilities. There is such a huge range of disabilities out there and I feel that people do not have enough understanding about them. People are quick to judge those with disabiltiies, and I have experienced this first hand. I hope that the series helps you to understand more and helps answer questions about a range of illnesses.
Today Zoe from nosaferplace is sharing some tips with you on how to cope with PoTs. Zoe is a close friend of mine and although we have talked about our disabilities I will admit that I didn't know much about PoTs and how it affects her on a daily basis. Her post has allowed me to get an insight into here everyday life and the struggles that she faces.


Growing up, one of the films that we used to watch every Christmas was The Snowman. To me it isn't really Christmas unless I have watched both The Snowman, and The Snowman and the Snow Dog. It's a little traditon that I would like to continue with Elise this year too. We've been lucky enough to be invited along to watch the iconic film The Snowman at Coventry Cathedral, where a live orchestra will accompany the film. The show is being put on by Carrot Productions and we are very excited about going along and introducing Elise to this amazing film.


Having a comfortable working environment helps to maintain happiness within the work place. Whether you work from home, or in an office, it is important that you have the right furniture that offers you support. As a blogger I can spend many hours sat in my home office, so it is really important that I have a chair that is comfortable, and it is also very important to have comfortable office chairs in the shared working space too. Today I thought I would share some ways you can make your office space a bit more comfortable, whether your office is at home or in a shared working space.


When it came to starting a blog, I had quite a clear reason for why I wanted to start. I love writing, and I love photography. Pair these two things together and a blog makes total sense. I'm also very interested in Graphic Design, and designing a blog has allowed me to practice my skills and even do a little bit of my own design work on the side. I also wanted to meet like minded people through blogging, and I feel that I have already done this in the 10 months I have been blogging so far.

Today I thought I would share my main goals that I had when I started blogging, and the goals I still have now.

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When it comes to baby names I love names that are a little bit different. I admit that my own daughter's name isn't that unique. Elise isn't super common, but at the same time it isn't something too obscure. We took inspiration from our own interests and hobbies and the name is linked to a certain car from the brand Lotus. You can read more about why we picked Elise here. I love baby names that are inspired by something rather than just plucked from a top 100 list, so today I thought I would share my top 10 flower inspired baby names. I'm hoping to write more posts like this under different themes so keep an eye out for future posts too!

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