30 Mar 2017


I think it is quite a natural thing to be quite critical of our own abilities as mothers, and as parents, so it is really important to rave about the things we are great at. I was recently tagged by That Noise is Mine to think of 10 ways that I am rocking motherhood and I thought it would be a chance for me to really think about how I am shaping my daughter's life.

The Rocking Motherhood tag was started by White Camellias in 2016 and asks mums to list 10 ways they are rocking motherhood. The tag goes on to say that once you have listed your 10 ways, you should tag 3-5 other bloggers to also do this tag. Most of the people I talk to on a regular basis have done this post already,  so I will only tag a few and then link my favourite one from a daddy blogger below.

26 Mar 2017


When we found out that we were pregnant, we already knew that we wouldn't find out the gender of our baby. We wanted the surprise, as we had no preference over whether we wanted a boy or a girl anyway. There was no real advantage of finding out whether we were having a boy, or a girl. Plus I feel that it made everything a bit more exciting, especially as it turned out our baby had to be delivered early due to complications with Pre-Eclampsia. Waiting to hear the gender reveal during the c-section made it a little bit less scary, and a bit more exciting.

As we knew we weren't finding out if we were going to be having a boy or a girl, we had to find both a boy name, and a girl name that we both liked, and could agree on. We had a short list for girl's names early on, in fact we knew what we were going to call her before we even conceived, but of course we wanted to throw some other names out there. Other names on our short list were Rachel, Aubrey and Ellie. We found finding a name for a boy harder, and we were still discussing possible names right up until a few weeks before I was admitted in to hospital. I really liked some names, but my husband shut them down straight away. Plus most of the names we liked were used by other people, or my husband worked with someone with that name...

20 Mar 2017


When it comes to weaning your baby, finding a bib that will contain all the mess, yet is comfortable at the same time can be a bit of a boring task. It's also quite hard to find a bib that is easy to clean and won't stain after the first wash. I found that a lot of the bibs that I first used were material ones that don't stay very fresh looking for long. You only tend to get one use out of them before having to throw them in the wash. That's where the Bibetta Ultrabib steps in. It is the one bib that I have found that not only works with weaning, but is amazing when it comes to arts and crafts as your baby gets a bit older. 

I first discovered the brand Bibetta through Emily and Indiana. I saw her using them with her son Parker and thought they looked great. At the time I was just about to start weaning Elise, so was on the hunt for some durable bibs that were easy to use, and clean, between uses. As Emily was using them for baby led weaning, I knew that they would work for us too, even though we weren't taking the baby led weaning route.