31 May 2017


When it comes to getting married abroad, there is so much to think about. It can be difficult to arrange everything from another country, and to make sure everything is in place. When it comes to your wedding dress, you have to think about how you are going to transport it to your destination. There are so many things to ask yourself, so I've compiled a list of tips for taking a wedding dress on a plane.

When it comes to having a destination wedding, you have to think about lots of factors when it comes to choosing a dress. Are you going to buy it where you live and take it on the plane? Are you going to ship it to your destination? Are you going to buy it in the country where your wedding is taking place?
I opted to buy my dress in my home town and transport it on a plane with me to my destination. I got married in Las Vegas, so I also had to think about the fact that I would be taking it on a long haul flight, and not just a short one. I knew that I wanted to avoid putting it in the hold, as it would have been a disaster if it was lost, and I wanted to keep it with me at all times. I've thought of some tips to help you out with travelling with your dress:

30 May 2017


When it comes to parenting it is always helpful to learn things that will make your life a little bit easier. I know that when my husband and I had Elise we were clueless and we were winging it...in fact we still are. I'm always hunting for different hacks to make life a little bit easier, and I was so pleased when Crimson Publishing offered to send me a copy of Mum Hacks by Tanith Carey.

Mum Hacks is full of great tips to make your life a little bit easier when it comes to all things to do with being a mum (or dad!). With tips ranging from how to speed up making a packed lunch for your child to teaching your child how to dress themselves. There really are tips for every situation. The book is 160 pages full of tips and tricks that really will speed up your lives. I love that the book isn't judgemental and is all about making parenting a positive experience. The book also has a really handy index at the back so you can find tips for your current situation easily. I love this as not everything is relevant to the current age of my own child. Due to the range of ages the book covers, I know that I can keep going back to it as Elise gets older.

29 May 2017


We are massive fans of Butlins and their Just for Tots weeks. Just for Tots is a whole week of activities especially for under 5s, with plenty of different activities and shows thrown in with the price of the holiday. We love the shows, and the variety they have, but Elise was not a massive fan of the crowds, and as she doesn't walk yet she couldn't get involved with the interactive side of the shows. We ended up scouting out some other activities to do together, and discovered that there is so much more to Butlins than just the shows. We still had an amazing week, even though Elise cried every time we went anywhere near a huge crowd of people.

I've compiled a list of all the activities Elise enjoyed as a nearly 18 month old non-walker, who is a little bit shy and not a fan of lots of noise and crowds.

24 May 2017



When I was 18 I left home to go to university in Swansea. It was a very exciting time, and Swansea was the other side of the country, a good five hour drive from my home in Kent. I was going to study Primary Education, and it was going to be a massive adventure, and the start of my independence. By the end of the first year I had decided that Primary Education wasn't for me, and I wanted to pursue a more creative field. I transferred onto a foundation course in Photojournalism, that would lead to a degree in Graphic Design later down the road. I was due to start the course in September of 2007, but in August 2007 something happened that turned my life upside down.

It was a hot summer's day in August the day that everything changed. I can't remember exactly where we had just been, but I was sitting in the passenger seat of my then partner's Subaru on the way back to his student house. We were chatting away as usual and singing along to Lost Prophets. We could see the light changing green in the distance, so we maintained our speed of 30MPH to go through the light that was at the top of a short hill. We were always careful here, because you couldn't see if anything was approaching, but that is what traffic lights are for, so you don't expect anyone to be in your path as you come over the verge. Plus there is always plenty of time for the car approaching you to see you coming over the top if they are being careful.

22 May 2017

Spend A Little Less, Live A Little More

We all have our little quirks when it comes to money and our home expenditure. Whether you’re a super-scrimper on expenses and spend more on the things you love, or you never seem to know where your money goes, you can make a huge difference to your home by balancing out your money a little bit better. Whether it's saving on things like bills, or using discount codes from sites like DealsDaddy or hotdiscountcode.com when you go online shopping, there's always ways to help your money go further.

First up comes the idea of saving a bit more on a few areas of the home. Whether it’s your bills or bad investments, by cutting back in a few key areas that don’t overly make a difference to you, you’ll gain a bit more cash to pop into other areas. Then comes the fun part. It’s time to spend. By saving on areas you don’t overly care about, you can free up a bit of money to devote to the things you do. Whether that’s redoing your kitchen, buying a new bed, or even having a dining party once a month, you’ll finally be able to live a little more by spending a little less!

Save On Your…

Often, we get used to the monthly payments we make on things like gas, electric and water, and tend to accept them. However, there are many ways that we can make big savings year after year. Whether or not the energy price cap comes into play, you can still ensure that your energy tariffs stay as low as possible. From switching each year to make sure that you get the best deals to calling up your current company to get a better price, if you’re on the ball, you can save a lot in this area.

Most people have some kind of media package in their home. However, you can often choose one provider and stick with them for the duration of your time in that home - sort of like your habits with utilities. This can be a costly action. To save money, you can look into alternative deals when your contract period up - especially if you had a promotional rate to start with. You can often save yourself a lot of money on media packages and even wifi by using cashback sites too.

Food Shop
If you’re a creature of habit, you might find yourself shopping at the same places and buying the same items week after week. While you may not spend excessively in the supermarkets, you may be spending more than you need to. There are ways you can reduce your food shop cost quite easily. From being savvy with offers to trying alternative brands and even going to a new supermarket, you can save hundreds on your shop each month.

This may not apply to you, but if you find yourself getting help with things like your cleaning or ironing, or hiring someone to come and do your garden in the summer, you might benefit from cutting back a bit. You may think you don’t have time to clean your car or wash your windows, but if you’re spending hundreds of pounds each year on outsourcing your maintenance, you could be putting that into your home in more beneficial ways. So it’s time to weigh up where that money is better off spent.

In this day and age, we all have monthly subscriptions that we commit to and pay each month. Whether yours are Netflix and Spotify or a gym membership and a Cineworld card, you could find that you’re automatically paying over £50, sometimes even £100, a month for things that you may not get enough use out of. While only some of these things are for the home, it might be time to track your monthly expenses to see what you get use out of what you can cut out.

To Spend More On Your…

Living Space
With some of those extra savings you’ve been making around the home, you might finally be able to create the living room of your dreams. You spend a lot of time in here, so it’s only fair that you’re head over heels for it. Whether you’ve always wanted to create a cosy cinema style room, or go with a super sleek design, those savings you made on utilities and food can finally make it happen. Seems worth it already, right?

Dressing Room
It’s every girl’s dream to have a dressing room, but it’s not always something you can spare money on. But, now that you do not have to take money out of savings to make it happen, you can finally turn that spare room into the dressing room you’ve always wanted. Once you’ve put some of those savings away for a while, you should see the cash all add up. And now, you can head out and buy the perfect wardrobes, shoe storage and vanity station to make the room look just right.

Entertainment Space
To start with, you might not see the point in changing your food shopping habits - especially if you’re a foodie and you’re quite happy with the quality of food that you buy. But, if it means that you can put on more dinner parties and even get that bar cart you’ve been ogling on Pinterest, it would seem a fair trade. If you love to entertain, your cost-cutting skills could mean you could create an entertainment area to host from without breaking the bank.

Bathroom Renovation
Of all the rooms we always want to renovate, the bathroom always seems the most expensive and the most work. But if you’ve managed to save hundreds, if not thousands, by changing your spending habits of the past few months, you should finally be able to do something about getting your bathroom up to spec. Whether you give it a new lick of paint, invest in a new suit, or completely rip everything out and start from scratch, you’ll be so glad you cut costs elsewhere to make it happen.

Home Office
Renovating small spaces can sometimes seem like a challenge, but if you’ve always wanted to add a home office, or a library, music room, or sewing room among others, into your home, your little savings could make it easier to afford. By having a huge clear out, focusing on space brightening colours and be clever with your storage and furniture purchases, you could be enjoying a new personal space in no time.


8 May 2017


As a parent I am constantly reminded and aware of the various milestones that Elise should be reaching. Some she reaches early, some right on time and other she is yet to reach. It's always so exciting when she reaches a milestone, such as getting her first tooth, saying mummy for the first time and her latest one of being able to stand. 

However, sometimes the milestones aren't all nice...we've all witnessed the first poo explosion, and the sleepless nights. That's why ACE have created these honest baby cards. They celebrate, and laugh at, those times that aren't so sweet, and sometimes are messy and just a little bit disgusting. With their stain remover for colours and whites, you don't have to worry about your little one getting as messy as they like.