3 Aug 2017


As you may have guessed from my last post featuring the Casdon Grocery Set, we are a huge fan of the Casdon products. They help to promote imaginative play, whilst also teaching children key development skills such as co-ordination and her memory skills. The Baby Huggles Changing Mat Set lets her imagine changing and caring for her toys, and learning how the nappy changing process works. I've noticed that she has taken more of an interest in the different steps when I change her nappy, and she wants to change her monkey at the same time. 


The Casdon Baby Huggles range has everything you need when it comes to your little ones caring for their dolls or soft toys. Although most of the items are pink in colour, all the products in the range are great for both boys and girls. Although the products could use a bit of an update when it comes to colour options, I don't personally have a problem buying Elise items that are classed as "Boys" toys, or colours, so I think that the products in this range would be great for girls and boys. Products in the range include items such as the Car Booster Seat and the Doll's Bath and Potty Set. Elise doesn't own any dolls, as every time we give her to option of buying one, she would rather have a new toy car or some Duplo. That's okay though as the products are suitable for any toy. The Changing Mat set we tried out says that the changing mat set is suitable for dolls up to 46cm.