20 Jan 2018

Wildest Dreams Book Box (January 2018) - Into the Jungle

Recently, I told you all about a new UK YA book box that offers monthly goodies straight to your door every month. The first official Wildest Dreams Box had the theme "Into the Jungle" and I was extremely excited about this. I had a feeling that I knew what book was going to be included in the box, so I went and cancelled a book that I had on pre-order. I'm glad I did because my instincts turned out to be true! 

An overview of the basic contents of the box - the book wrapped up, some gold coins and some tea bags

Today I will be unboxing the first official Wildest Dreams Book Box to show you what you can expect from future boxes. Every box comes with a newly released YA book, as well as a bath/beauty product and a tea. You can also expect notes from the authors and some other bookish goodies... 

18 Jan 2018

Hair Loss after pregnancy - My Experience


When I was pregnant with Elise I experienced many different symptoms. Between the constipation and the morning sickness, (which actually lasts all day, although people will insist it is called morning sickness for a reason!) you experience a whole lot of other symptoms too. Between the cravings for bananas, which I actually don't really like, but my daughter loves, I didn't have time to think about other symptoms such as the hair growing all over my body. My eyebrows became a lot bushier and I had enough fuzz on my stomach that I was convinced that someone would mistake me for a peach.

On the other end of the spectrum, I didn't think about symptoms that I would experience after my pregnancy ended. I already had to think about the fact that I'd be recovering from a C-Section and then around 3 months after Elise was born, my hair suddenly started falling out. I'm not talking about a few strands here and there, I'm talking about massive clumps. Clumps that would clog the plughole, and that would stick to the shower walls. I'd be emptying my hairbrush every day. I could have probably collected my hair for a week and made a wig. I was even looking up hair transplants and FUE hair transplant costs, to see if I could book in to have a transplant. I really believed all my hair was going to fall out, and my hairline would be as bad as my husband's (I joke about him getting a hair transplant all the time!)...

17 Jan 2018

Cost of IVF with donor eggs – what should you know


Unfortunately, nowadays more and more women, particularly at an advanced maternal age, are facing trouble with getting pregnant.  In vitro fertilisation (IVF) with donor eggs gives them a chance to get pregnant after an infertility diagnosis. If you pay out of pocket for IVF with donor eggs, this article reveals what you should know about treatment, and particularly about the cost of IVF with donor eggs

The cost of IVF with donor eggs varies from country to country. Most IVF clinics offer free consultation (also via skype), so you can find out more about the cost of IVF and treatment options. It might happen that you will contact two top clinics in the same country, and will see a really significant difference in the costs. Does this mean that the most expensive clinic really offers the highest price? Absolutely not. It might mean that the second clinic doesn’t include additional costs (additional tests, medicine, etc). However, it doesn’t mean you should choose the most expensive treatment without doing your  own in-depth research.  Simply put, you should analyse prices carefully and know what procedures and tests are included. 

IVF with donor eggs – how to save? 

Start with discovering which is the best destination or country for you. Without a doubt, if a local IVF clinic offers the best solution for you, it is the best option. However, if your insurance company doesn’t cover IVF costs or you cannot rely on the NHS, then undergoing cheap and top quality IVF with donor eggs at overseas clinics might be a great deal. 
Some international patients even decide to combine their holidays with IVF. Egg donation is a rather stressful period, and it is not a bad idea to relax with your partner on a sunny beach in Greece or Spain during the treatment. 

Yet another opportunity to save money is to participate in a shared egg donation program, that usually reduces IVF prices by up to 50%. The success rates for this program is the same as in standard IVF with donor eggs programs.  

More and more IVF clinics offer so called multiple cycle options with/or a money back guarantee. It means that if a woman doesn’t get pregnant after a definite number of tries, she will get a 50-100% refund. 

Here are a few issues you should check, if you need IVF with donor eggs:

  • If medications needed for the donor (for you as well) are included in the cost of the IVF program;
  • If the freezing of embryos and sperm is included;
  • If the transfer of blastocyst is included;

While choosing IVF with donor eggs at overseas countries, you should also keep in mind additional costs, like travel and accommodation expenses, monitoring at a local clinic, and others. 

So do your own in-depth investigation and pick an IVF centre that helps you become parents to amazing babies.  Although we didn't have to seek help via IVF, I know what this means - My "labour" and delivery story 


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9 Jan 2018

The Sudocrem Baby Changing Room Awards


If you are a parent, you know that baby changing facilities can be drastically different. Some places offer dedicated parent rooms, whilst others have a simple changing table that you pull down from the wall. The changing areas can be a stand alone room, situated in a disabled toilet or even in the women's or men's toilets. Some places don't even have changing rooms which can be a disaster when you have young children, and especially disabled children.

There are 800,000 disabled children in the UK. These children need a space that is adapted for them to use the toilet. These spaces are called "Changing Places" and offer a hoist and a full sized bed so that they don't have to use a filthy floor as a changing area. There are only 1058 Changing Places toilets in the UK, which means that everyday thousands of disabled children are having to use changing tables that are too small, or even worse their parents are having to use a filthy bathroom floor.

Sudocrem have creating the Changing Room Awards which recognises the best changing rooms across the country. The awards has three categories:

  1. Best Changing Room
  2. Best Dad's Changing Room
  3. Changing Places Toilet
It is so nice to see that Sudocrem are shedding light on Changing Places Toilets as they really are important not just for disabled children, but also for disabled adults. I would love to see Changing Places Toilets all over the country so that more parents with disabled children have somewhere to change their child without having to worry about putting them on a filthy floor. I also love that they have a category for best dad's changing room. There have been so many occasions where there haven't been changing facilities for my husband to use when he has been out with my daughter alone. This means that he has had to go back to the car and change her in the boot. It's so nice when there are family changing rooms, or facilities for men to change their children.


You can now nominate your favourite changing rooms, with winners being announced in Mid-March. To do this just visit the Sudocrem Changing Room Awards site and click on "Changing Room Awards" and fill in the form. 


To encourage readers of "A Mundane Life" to vote for the best changing rooms in the UK, they have offered one lucky reader the chance to win a BabyMel Frankie Tweed Changing Bag worth £58! To enter for the chance to win, all you need to do is enter via the Gleam giveaway app below. There are two mandatory entries that you need to complete once you have logged in, and all other options with the app are optional. There are also chances for daily entries, so remember to come back and enter every day. The giveaway ends in 2 weeks on Tuesday 23rd January at 12pm GMT and is open to UK residents only


- The promoter of this giveaway is A Mundane Life
- All prizes are non-transferable and there is no cash alternative offered
- The winners will be contacted via email or social media
- The winner will need to provide a full postal address to receive their prize
The giveaway ends in 2 weeks on Tuesday 23rd January at 12pm GMT and is open to UK residents only
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Why We Share Our Love of Music With Our Toddler


The Hughes Household is a very musical household. We play lots of music in this house, and a huge range of styles of music. Elise, our 2 year old actually attended her first progressive rock gig before she was even born (I was 6 months pregnant) and she was born already loving music. Since she was able to, she's loved making music with different household items, and now she sings along to her favourite songs, and joins in with the actions to her favourite nursery rhymes. She's also developed a huge love for jazz music, and requests that we play this type of music when she is eating her food with us at dinner time.

my husband sat on the sofa with my two year old. They are both holding onto my husbands burgundy coloured bass guitar and smiling at each other.

As well as playing music in the car, when she is falling asleep and when we are eating dinner, we also involve her when we play our own instruments. She loves getting involved in a Jam session on a Sunday morning, grabbing her toy microphone and singing along to the kid's music, or singing along to her favourite jazz musicians. Music is so important to us, and I can honestly say that it has helped me through some very tough times. That's why we are so keen to share it with Elise.

Here are some main reasons why we share our love of music with her:

5 Jan 2018

Introducing the "Wildest Dreams Book Box"

I love a good subscription box, and I have tried quite a few in the past. Most of the boxes I have tried are full of geeky goodness, beauty or with a lifestyle theme. I've noticed some book boxes on the scene, but most of them are from America and can be expensive to ship over to the UK. The UK based ones are a bit out of my price range, and with the risk that I won't enjoy the book or goodies, I'm just not brave enough to take the leap and pay for them. My friend Zoe from nosaferplace found a gap in the market for a YA book box that wasn't super expensive, and offered some bookish goodies along with a newly released YA book. She created the "Wildest Dreams Book Box" which is just £18 including delivery. 

Wildest dreams logo. A light blue circle with a girl with blonde hair reading a purple book in the centre. There is a speech bubble that says "wildest dreams"

After opening sign ups for a trial box, which was released in December, the Wildest Dreams subscription officially launched in January, and the first box with the theme "Into the Jungle" will be shipping out at the end of January. I have an exclusive code to share with my readers, but you must be quick as the boxes for January are almost sold out. To get your own box, visit the Wildest Dreams Book Box website and enter "AMUNDANELIFE" to get the box for just £15 including postage. The offer runs between 4th-10th of January so you better hurry before you miss your chance.