22 Mar 2018

5 Things I Want To Do On My First Trip To Liverpool

Liverpool is somewhere that I have always wanted to go. This is mostly because of the music history, and I hear that the shopping isn't too bad either. I've been researching things to do in Liverpool for a while now, so I thought that I would share 5 things I would like to do when I visit Liverpool.

Shop Til I Drop in Liverpool One

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I don't think any UK break is complete without a little bit of shopping, and I've heard amazing things about Liverpool One. As well as shopping, they also have amazing places to eat when you are all shopped out. They have plenty of activities to keep all the family entertained, such as a cinema and adventure golf. I think you could easily lose track of time here!

Liverpool One also have events on throughout the year so it is worth checking out their site to see what they have on. They have family events running throughout the year, as well as events like Wine Festivals that are catering more for the adults. You can also keep track using #LiverpoolGuide2018 on social media...

20 Mar 2018

How To Survive Spring Cleaning With A Toddler

It's the first day of Spring (March 20th) and it's that time of year where you see everyone mentioning Spring Cleaning. Any mother will tell you that cleaning is a full time job when you have children, so the sheer thought of a deep clean can send you over the edge. I'm here to try and make things a little bit easier with some of the methods I use with my toddler (2 years old....well 2 years and 4 months if you want to be more precise) when it comes to cleaning and decluttering our family home.