31 Jul 2018


The 5th of August 2018 is Friendship Day and to celebrate, I have a Trolls Puzzle Giveaway, where one winner will win a 4 in 1 Trolls puzzle (suitable for ages 3+). Trolls is a film all about friendship and happiness, and really promotes how to make other people happy. It's such a great film to watch this Friendship Day, and I will definitely be watching it with Elise and participating in some Hug time.

Ravensburger have a whole range of puzzles to keep your children entertained, and to help their problem solving skills, and I must say that both myself and Elise love the range. One of her personal favourites is the Cars 4 in 1 puzzle which we actually found in a local charity shop. Elise has a whole box of puzzles and games, and we also love the memory games that Ravensburger makes. We also love that lots of her favourite characters can be found on Ravensburger products.

30 Jul 2018


I love discovering new authors. Especially new authors who are lovely and friendly, and who will take time out of their day to talk to their readers. I discovered Thomas Welsh on Twitter and we instantly clicked. I was really interested in his new book series, The Metiks Fade, and actually enquired as to whether I would be able to get a copy of the book to read before it was released. I loved the first book, Anna Undreaming and enjoyed sharing it with my daughter. The amount of praise and coverage that Anna Undreaming received, and still receives was amazing. Even though I have never met Tom in person, I was so proud and happy to see his book become a success.

Elise standing up and flicking through Anna Undreaming

I've been eagerly awaiting news of the second book in the trilogy, so when an email landed in my inbox from Tom all about the second book, I had a massive smile on my face. Today I get to reveal the title of the second book in the series, along with the blurb!


Today I reviewed a new board game that my husband and I have been loving. Frenetic is a fast past word game where you use the elemental table to create words, competing with each other at the same time for the highest score. We love the game, and it has become a staple game in our date night collection. I'm very excited that I have a copy of the game to giveaway to one lucky winner.

close up of the frenetic board game

To find out how to enter to win a copy of Frenetic, continue reading and follow the instructions in the post. There is one prize, so make sure you come back to enter every day to increase your chances of winning!


When it comes to date night, my husband and I love a break from technology. We love a good board game and often play a game of Scrabble or Rummikub to pass the time in the evenings. As we have a young daughter, date nights outside the house are pretty much a thing of the past, but we don't mind that much when we have a board game to play. I think we are a bit geekish when it comes to games, and enjoy games that challenge our minds. When we were offered the chance to try out Frenetic, a word game based on the elemental table, we jumped at the chance. 

A close up of the Frenetic game. It shows the bag that the letters live in.

My husband works as a Senior Design Engineer so is a bit of a science and maths geek. I'm more creative, so enjoy games based on letters, so Frenetic is the perfect game for us as it mixes the periodic table with a fast paced letter game. It is perfect as a group game, and also works very well as a two player game. As we play games just the two of us, the ability to play just us is very important when purchasing a new game.

29 Jul 2018


When it comes to childhood memories, there is a very prominent figure present in most of them. Someone who was always there for me, and to keep me safe at night, and keep all my secrets to themselves, never sharing them with another sole. This figure is still with me now, and has moved to every new house with me, and experienced all the new things that I have done, including getting married and having a daughter. Without fail, they are always there for me, and now they are there for my daughter too. Who is this amazing person? Well he isn't a person at all, but is my very lovely bunny cuddly toy who I have had since birth! This much loved toy has been through everything with me, and although he is no longer his original pink colour, and has lost most of his fur, he is a treasured part of my life, and I have recently passed him down to my daughter, who loves him just as much as I do. 

winnie the pooh plus toy in front of a polaroid photo of my daughter as a newborn

I think we all have that special toy that we bonded with more than the others, my daughter has her favourite monkey toy that she sleeps with every night, but she has a new addition to her bedtime crew, and that is the adorable Winnie the Pooh from the Christopher Robin Movie Winnie the Pooh Plush Range

16 Jul 2018


Elise is 2 and a half now and has really started to enjoy playing with toys that she can create little stories with. Whether she is playing with Duplo, Happy Land or simple wooden toys, she loves to create her own little world and creates whole story lines for the toys she is playing with. When we were asked if Elise would like to test out the Brio Light and Sound Fire Truck, I knew that she would love it. We already have the Brio My First Take Along Set and love the Brio range of toys, especially as we are huge fans of sustainable wooden toys. 

A close up photo of the fire truck toy. The brio logo can be seen on the front, with a wooden man inside the front of the fire truck. Elise is sitting behind.

Recently, Elise has taken a great interest in the Emergency services, and so she was very excited when I opened up the Light and Sound Fire Truck for her. She immediately pushed the button on the top to activate the fire engine sound, which isn't too loud and only plays for a short time, and started setting up the ladder for the firefighters to rescue a cat stuck in a tree. My first impressions of the toy were also great, and I loved the mix of plastic with wood, and the simplicity of the wooden characters.