Books I've read in 2018

Here are all the books that I have managed to read in 2018. If I have a blog post or a video including the book I will also link it.

The key for my links is:

✏️ Blog Post
📹 Video
 📚 Goodreads

The list is in alphabetical order by book title and the genre is written next to it. You can find a list of all genres under tabs on my "Book" option on my navigation bar at the top of my blog (under the header). Under each genre tab, I have a list of all the books that I have a review for on my blog for. 

Rating Key:

 - I didn’t like it / did not finish
★★ - It was okay, I finished it but wouldn’t tell others about it
★★★ - I liked it and would recommend it to others
★★★★- I REALLY enjoyed it, I would recommend it to others and couldn’t find many faults
★★★★★ - I LOVED it and would add to my favourite books list. I couldn’t fault it apart from very minor points. I would read this again and it will remain on my bookshelf

Genre Key:
GN - Graphic Novel
SF  - Science Fiction


SF  ✏️ Ready Player One - Ernest Cline ★★★
GN 📚 Rick and Morty Volume #1 - Zac Gorman ★★★★