29 Dec 2023

Word of the Year 2024

I've never been the sort to give myself a word of the year. This is mainly because I'm not the best at picking one word, or theme, to focus on. This year feels a little different. I feel like I'm finally starting to have more direction to what I want to be able to achieve for myself within a year, and I think 2024 is the year where instead of focusing on pleasing everyone else, I'm going to focus on pleasing myself. By this I mean really focusing on the things, and people, I love. I don't want to spend another year focusing on pleasing others, and helping them reach their goals when they don't give me the same energy back. I'm sure my fellow "people pleaser" types can relate to that constant lack of energy matching, and feeling deflated by other people's actions. 

Well not any more...2024 is going to be different.

Image shows a sticker of the word of the year "three" with a black bullet journal underneath it and a notepad. There are also two pens and two washi tapes in the photo.

So what is my word of the year? 


Yes, you did read that right! My word of the year is actually a number, and that number is "Three". This might sound strange, but let me try to explain my reasons behind picking the number three. My husband will be pleased to know that for once it has nothing to do with Taylor Swift, and there are no Swift style Eggs to try and work out from my word of the year! I think my reasons for picking this word are pretty simple, so let me lay them out for you here.


A triangle has three sides and is the strongest shape you can get. This is because any weight that is placed on the triangle is distributed to each side equally. My family unit is made up of three people, and together we are a strong unit. When someone is feeling bad mentally (or physically), the others are there to take the weight of it and support that person through it. I've spent a lot of time trying to add more sides to my triangle, but when you change to another shape that sharing the weight thing just doesn't work, so this year I want to focus on my little family unit and making us even stronger. It's so important that I have an amazing bond with my husband and daughter and I feel I haven't given the family unit as much attention as I could have been, and kind of taking the fact they build me up all the time for granted, so this year that changes.

I feel like a quote from one of my favourite films "The Girl Next Door" explains this better than I ever could!

"We're a tripod...if you knock out one of our legs, WE-ALL-FALL" - Eli


Okay, so I don't take lithium, but lithium is a known treatment for mental illness. I do suffer with terrible bouts of depression and anxiety. I also have C-PTSD (complex PTSD), and struggle with this every day. I'm surrounded by constant triggers and flashbacks of bad moments in the past. I currently take Sertraline to help boost my serotonin and help alleviate some of my mental health struggles. 

2023 has not been a good year for my mental health. With an eating disorder relapse, a self harm relapse and just more and more symptoms from C-PTSD cropping up, it's been a bit of a struggle. Working on my mental health ties in to the whole focusing on my family unit of Three, and focusing on what I need rather than trying to do lots for other people. Those who matter don't expect things from me, especially when I am at a low point, and so the number Three reminds me of everything I have been through, everything I am now achieving, and everything good that is still to come.

3...2...1...LET'S GO

Okay, I know I said there wouldn't be any Taylor Swift references, but technically this isn't one if you don't know the chant. Plus I didn't write out the whole thing. Anyway, if you know me then you know Taylor Swift has had a huge impact on my life, and her music and lyrics have really helped me through a lot this year. I'm going to see her in June, and I want to be able to enjoy it and just not have it surrounded with anxiety. I'm always going to be anxious, and being neurodivergent doesn't help this, but I also want to spend 2024 doing more stuff. So this little chant is going to be what I think about.


So they are just a few of the reasons why my word of the year is "Three". There's also loads of geeky reasons like the number 3 being a good number in the Chinese culture, that we see three dimensions, and that we see in the world in 3 primary colours, but I could be here forever talking about all the things that the number three symbolises. I'm excited for 2024 and to keep thinking about my word of the year and coming back to it.

2024 is fast approaching and so I have one question to ask you...

Are you ready for it?





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