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Wildest Dreams Book Box (January 2018) - Into the Jungle

Recently, I told you all about a new UK YA book box that offers monthly goodies straight to your door every month. The first official Wildest Dreams Box had the theme "Into the Jungle" and I was extremely excited about this. I had a feeling that I knew what book was going to be included in the box, so I went and cancelled a book that I had on pre-order. I'm glad I did because my instincts turned out to be true! 

An overview of the basic contents of the box - the book wrapped up, some gold coins and some tea bags

Today I will be unboxing the first official Wildest Dreams Book Box to show you what you can expect from future boxes. Every box comes with a newly released YA book, as well as a bath/beauty product and a tea. You can also expect notes from the authors and some other bookish goodies. 


My first impressions of the packaging of the January box were very positive. The contents were in a nice study brown box with a printed postage label on the front. There was also a sticker with the Wildest Dreams Book Box logo on the box seal. It looks very professional and you can easily see what you are taking delivery of. It made me excited to open it straight away. I couldn't wait to see what was inside.


The items inside this month's box were wrapped in green tissue paper, with a small sticker sealing it closed. I was so excited to open up the box and see the goodies that I totally forgot to take photos of it all wrapped up! To keep the book a secret for longer, it is wrapped up separately in brown paper, with another sticker with the box branding.

The first thing that I noticed were some chocolate coins (which my husband quickly claimed) and some tea bags. I thought this was a lovely touch as the tea that comes in each box is a loose leaf tea. I already have a really cool Mr. Tea infuser which I love, but the tea bags are very useful for people who don't typically drink loose leaf tea.

After checking out the chocolate coins and tea bags, I delved in to see what other products were in the box and I knew as soon as I saw them that my predictions for the book of this month were spot on. Everything in the package was dinosaur themed...and I just so happen to love anything to do with dinosaurs!

The tea scattered on a marble background, with the tube lying on top of a leaf


The first thing that I noticed in the box was this month's tea, which was appropriately named "Dino DNA". This month's tea was toffee apple flavour, a flavour of tea that I haven't tried before, but soon discovered that it was delicious! The flavour wasn't too overpowering, but you could definitely taste caramel and apple. I love Rooibos tea so it was a huge bonus to see that this was the base for Dino DNA. The tea was provided by Rosie Lea Tea and I think that they did an amazing job and made the tea look like it wouldn't be out of place in a jungle. It really did look like the ground in a jungle, and transported me straight into the setting on this month's book.


The next item in the box wasn't hard to miss as it is a full size product! This month's bath/beauty goodie was created by Geeky Clean and is a room spray which again has a jungle/dinosaur theme. The scent of the room spray is Green Tea, which makes the product name incredibly clever. The product is called Tea-Rex. It really does smell amazing, and the scent lasts ages. I sprayed it in my living room at about 7am and at 6pm I can still smell it. Geeky Clean's products are also vegan which is an added bonus. 

There was also a book plate and note from this month's author in the box.


The corner of the brown paper opened to reveal the top corner of the back of the book. A leaf and some tea in the background.
A close up of the cover of the book. Eyes can be seen peaking through some leaves that I have placed on top



I am so excited that this is the choice for this month! As I said, I already has this on pre-order but when I thought this could be a possibility with this month's theme I had to quickly cancel. 

the cover of the book can be seen with some leaves surrounding it. some of the tea is scattered around, as our some gold coin chocolates. Everything is on a marble background.

Here is a what is written on the back of the book:

Betrayal. Sacrifice. Survival.
Welcome to the Extinction Trials.

In Stormchaser and Lincoln's ruined world, the only way to survive is to risk everything. To face a contest more dangerous than anyone can imagine. And they will do anything to win.

But in a land full of monsters - human and reptilian - they can't afford to trust anyone. Perhaps not even each other...

I am so excited to read this book and I think it will be moving up my TBR pile pretty quickly. I think that this is going to be a book that I really enjoy, and I'm expecting it to get lots of stars when I come to review it.

a close up of the box contents, with a focus on the room spray.

That was everything in this month's box, and I really do think this box is great value. The cost of the box is £18 including postage and packaging, and I think that you get your money's worth. The fact that the book is a new release is also something to help persuade you to purchase the box. I know that people worry that they may already own the book, but as the theme of the box is released before hand, I think that narrows down the options for the book. Also because it is a new release you may not have got your hands on a copy of the book yet. 

I loved everything that was in the Wildest Dreams book box this month and you should definitely go and subscribe soon as I know that they are becoming very popular! 


I thought it might be helpful to break down the price of the items in the box to show you the value of the finished box for this month. Here are my calculations:

DINO DNA TEA - £2.88 (calculated from breaking down the cost of the harry potter tubes which is 4 for £11.50)
TEA-REX - £7.00
BOOK - £7.99 (RRP)

That means that the main items in the box come to roughly : £17.90

This doesn't include the exclusive book plate and author's note that was in the box. Plus the gold coins that my husband claims. Plus this includes postage. The author's note and bookplate are priceless, and postage for this type of box would be between £3.40 and £5.50 depending on the weight of the box. If you were to buy all items separately, you would have to pay postage for each item so the price of the box is a bargain. I love that you get an exciting new book every month too, a book that you wouldn't necessarily pick up for yourself.

If you did purchase this month's box, what were your thoughts? What was your favourite product?



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Hair Loss after pregnancy - My Experience


When I was pregnant with Elise I experienced many different symptoms. Between the constipation and the morning sickness, (which actually lasts all day, although people will insist it is called morning sickness for a reason!) you experience a whole lot of other symptoms too. Between the cravings for bananas, which I actually don't really like, but my daughter loves, I didn't have time to think about other symptoms such as the hair growing all over my body. My eyebrows became a lot bushier and I had enough fuzz on my stomach that I was convinced that someone would mistake me for a peach.

On the other end of the spectrum, I didn't think about symptoms that I would experience after my pregnancy ended. I already had to think about the fact that I'd be recovering from a C-Section and then around 3 months after Elise was born, my hair suddenly started falling out. I'm not talking about a few strands here and there, I'm talking about massive clumps. Clumps that would clog the plughole, and that would stick to the shower walls. I'd be emptying my hairbrush every day. I could have probably collected my hair for a week and made a wig. I was even looking up hair transplants and FUE hair transplant costs, to see if I could book in to have a transplant. I really believed all my hair was going to fall out, and my hairline would be as bad as my husband's (I joke about him getting a hair transplant all the time!).

My hair kept falling out for about six months after I had Elise, but it felt like it was never going to stop. I didn't end up with any bald patches which I was relieved about, but my baby hairs are still growing out and Elise has just turned 2! The reason for hair loss after pregnancy is due to an increased amount of hair going into a resting phase. This is where your hair isn't growing and is simply taking a break. Around 90% of your hair is usually growing whilst 10% is resting, but in pregnancy this increases. The hair loss is simply just hair that would naturally be falling out on a regular basis but in a higher volume. I guess this is payback for the luscious locks that you are gifted with during pregnancy.

I do wish I had known a bit more about hair loss following pregnancy. If I had known it was normal, and that you are not actually going to go bald, I think I would have felt much better the first time I pulled a handful of hair out! I still need to sort my eyebrows out though. Before having Elise I had never done anything with my eyebrows as I was blessed with really great natural brows. Now I really need to get someone to hack away at them. I also had to shave my arms after pregnancy as I felt like I had gotten so hairy during my pregnancy! I probably shouldn't have shaved them, but it did seem to help which is a relief.

Did you experience hair loss after pregnancy? Have you ever considered a hair transplant?



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